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Cane Creek Park
Trail Information
Nearest City: Waxhaw, NC
How to get there: Address: 5213 Harkey Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173.

Directions from Charlotte, NC: Take I-485 to Providence Rd.(exit 57). Turn Right onto Providence Rd. and continue 9 miles to Hwy. 75 in downtown Waxhaw, NC. Turn Left onto Hwy. 75 and bear Right onto Old Providence Rd./Providence Rd. South. At 2 Miles turn Right to continue on Providence Rd. South. Follow signs and turn Left onto Harkey Rd. Entrance is 1 mile on the right.

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Other Info: -Fees: $4 per vehicle. $3 per bike = $7 to ride (Helmets Required)

-Shared Use Trail (Horses, Bikes, Hikers). Yield to Horses.

-Trails are color coded (maps are helpful and are obtained at the Operations Center)

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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 10/27/2017  -  ER of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Red Trail at Park Entrance, Purple Trail, South Green, South Red.
Opinions: There's a lot of land to use here - and this could be a premier MTB destination for south of Charlotte. 13 miles of mixed-use trail right now. Much less horse traffic in last couple of years and seeing many more mountain bikers. Many of the other trails the Trail Blazers maintain are 45 min to an hour from me. I think the Trail Blazers could tap into more member base if they worked with Union County to put in more mountain bike trails at Cane Creek.
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Date Ridden: 02/01/2017  -  John Smith of Weddington, NC
Route Taken: Purple trail from front gate to campground and back
Opinions: Beautiful scenery along lake and across damn. One of the better trails in the Charlotte area. Some roots and rocks but some smooth fast sections and some climbs and creek crossings as well. Good trail if you like fast sections and some climbs and various scenery as well. Good Hard Tail MTB Trail.

Free until March 1 then 4 dollars each time after that

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Date Ridden: 01/28/2017  -  John Smith of Weddingto , Nc
Route Taken: Did all of the red and orange trail and some of the purple trail. Trails are marked well and are easy to follow.
Opinions: This trail is much better than I thought it would be. It's free to get into cane creek through February. Only 4 dollars now to mountain bike the trails after February. No more extra fee for bike. Trails are a combination of double track and single track. Scenery around lake is good. Not very technical but still some roots and rocks that will bite you occasionally. A good place to ride distance and get a work out in and some good climbs as well. Leaves cover some of trail. People at gate were friendly and knowledgeable. I think they are trying to fix some of the poor customer service in the past. Good trail if you live in South Charlotte, weddington, Waxhaw, Lancaster area.

Hopefully they will do more clearing on the green trail. I will try that next time. Rumor is it is grown over somewhat.

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Date Ridden: 06/22/2013  -  Mike A of Indian Trail, NC
Route Taken: Blue
Opinions: It took me a few minutes to figure the trail out. I really liked the trail the way it switches up with downhill, sandy and rocky, watch out for the horse apples! I believe that if you have to pay for parking, you shouldn't have to pay to ride.
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Date Ridden: 11/03/2012  -  Amoore2668 of CLT, NC
Route Taken: Red and Purple
Opinions: First time at CC. Sadly disappointed in the entire experience. The "Rangers" were completely uninterested, lazy, and fixated on obtaining the $7 fee for park entrance. Trails were not well-marked and the overall condition of both leave much to be desired. No opportunity to get into a rhythm due to the amount of horses and hikers. A long way to go for a lackluster experience. The next time I want something different, I will know to forego this one.
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Date Ridden: 09/20/2012  -  sirbikesalot of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: From main office i took the purple, double backed then took the 3.5 red loop off the main entrance road.
Opinions: Really good ride. Lots of different surfaces from exposed milky quartz rock gardens to sand to hard pack to loose. A lot of people have complained in their reviews about how far away this ride is, but that's why i like it. When you stop riding you hear NOTHING! no traffic, airplanes, people etc. If you want a break from trails in or around the city that switchback over the same few acres, then this 1050 acre park is it. True, you do have the occasional horse pie and hoof impressions but thats just part of the challange to me. I went on a weekday and saw absolutely no one. Great scenery across the 360 acre lake and in the woods. They do charge 7 dollars to ride, which sucks. However, it is a good ride out in the country. Side note, there are HUNDREDS of black and turkey vultures that live in and around the power line cut throughs. when you get to a clearing look up and you will see tons of them soaring miles high.
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Date Ridden: 07/16/2011  -  John of Monroe, NC
Route Taken: I only ride the Purple trail across the dam to the trails on the campground side. The Red, Green, and Purple on the campgrond side are ok.
Opinions: These trails used to be pretty nice but are in bad shape now. The park has done ZERO trail maintenance in the last 10 years and horses are the only ones who use them. The cost is $7.00 to ride and is not worth it at all. The only trails worth riding are on the campground side and thats only because most horse riders dont make it that far in. Unless you live in Waxhaw, Monroe, or Indian Trail dont waste your gas and time driving here. Poplar Tent, Sherman Branch, Francis Beatty, USNWWC, are all light years better...and cheaper.
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Date Ridden: 07/24/2010  -  ncgixxer of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: Both main loops. Accidentally worked my way onto the hiking only trail near the lake which was actually more fun than the loops!
Opinions: I am in no way the most experienced rider, but this trail is a joke. I was curious is the address says Waxhaw, but this place is MILES away from downtown. Has a couple of fun downhills, but the constant stopping for the horses get very annoying. It doesn't help that most of the people riding the horses are obnoxious. Beware of the giant "land mines" aka horse crap all over the place. I spent $7 to ride here by myself!! $4 for the car and $3 to ride. This place is a joke. Stick with Sherman, Beech/PT, Beatty, or Leroy in Ft Mill. Much more fun!
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Date Ridden: 05/01/2010  -  Kyle R. of Indian Trail, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: Has anyone riden this lately? Do they still charge to ride and are the trail conditions still the same?
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Date Ridden: 11/29/2008  -  Denis of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: Purple to Red, Return Purple
Opinions: Beautiful trail around the lake. Fun, fast, and entertaining. Thing I didn't like about Cane Creek was what we deemed an expensive fee. Trails were nice, but some areas were washed out or rocky. Also found dodging horse tracks and fresh poo not so appealing, especially after paying to get in. They need to reduce the fee or make the trails the best around. I live in Waxhaw and have only been once and would not go back. Many other options around which I like better, and they're all free.
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Date Ridden: 08/21/2008  -  Spark-N-Arc of Wingate, NC
Route Taken: Purple to Red and return via Purple
Opinions: Beautiful views of lake, mostly wooded riding purple trail starts out extremely easy and gets more difficult as you go. Road with my 10 and 12 year old children whom did well. Cost to get in is a bummer!!! $4 per car and $3 per bike. Union county needs to reduce the cost or invest some additional funds to make the good trails excellent, in other words make it worth the money.

Purple trail has been washed over by recent rains in places. Loose rocks etc. The Red trail on the Camping side of the lake was in good shape except for the loose rocks where the purple trail meets it.

Must leave by 8pm when park closes. Park staff gets up tight and starts driving around blowing horn at about 7:30pm. Sign at entrance states that if you aren't out by 8pm you can be fined $40.

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Date Ridden: 05/26/2008  -  heather of kannapolis, nc
Route Taken: started at the upper red and went from there to the purple then the lower red. they charged us 10 bux for 1 car, 2 bikes
Opinions: good trail, lots of pedaling, very very loose rocks in many places (not pebbles, rocks) making it a little difficult to gain footing in areas. very dusty, i suggest if you go with someone, keep a decent following distance or you'll wind up with a face full of grit. overall very fun, just don't go on a holiday, cause there is a line to get in the joint, but most of those people aren't on the trail anyway (we only passed maybe 7 people, a few horses and some dogs. that's pretty good for 9 miles)
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Date Ridden: 03/22/2008  -  Dan of charlotte, nc
Route Taken:
Opinions: Fun trail worth paying to get in. Its not to hard but it is a fun some what tricky trail in areas. Also worth going to if you have kids that have ridden and are not bad mtb bikers. Also you do not want a bike that has no shocks on it this trial is rocky and bumpy.
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Date Ridden: 11/20/2007  -  Linus of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Both loops. Red and Purple. The map has the purple trail set at 1 mile but its more like 3 miles. Entrance is now $3 per car and $2 per bike.
Opinions: Relatively easy, fast single track. Very scenic ride along the water. No technical challenges except for a small valley on the purple trail. Trails marked with red and purple markers but not easy to navigate, confusing at parts. Be sure to look at the map before riding. Also look out for horses and horse doo doo. Overall its a fun fast trail for a good recreation ride.
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Date Ridden: 03/31/2007  -  Chris of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: 3.5 mile horse trail/mtb loop on the day use side
Opinions: Kudos to the people who have worked on this part of the trail. I had to visit the park for a family event anyway...I enjoyed running the day use loop a couple of times. Everything flowed real well, there was some recent trail repair done with gravel that helped dry up some otherwise muddy sections. Of course you have to dodge the fresh horse bombs that litter the trail.
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Date Ridden: 11/26/2006  -  Rich of Aiken, SC
Route Taken: Purple
Opinions: I had a good time on the trail. It was pretty easy. I was riding my spare bike and the trail was covered with leaves which made it difficult to see the roots and rocks. They weren't as bad was other readers say. The markings were a bit difficult to see at times. A good trail map of the entire system at Cane Creek would be useful.
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Date Ridden: 09/22/2006  -  paul of charlotte, NC
Route Taken: all except yellow.
Opinions: their all moderat, but pretty fun, good for beginer and innermedat mountain bikers. but watch out for the rocks and horse riders.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 09/26/2005  -  Jon of Fort Mill, SC
Route Taken: Red and Purple loops
Opinions: These trails were not very fun. A good place to take a beginner I suppose. More of a horse trail then a mtn. bike trail.
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Date Ridden: 08/21/2002  -  Dave of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: ? Got very lost. Started on purple mark then went to red and ended up on the highway where a "very" gay (not there is anything wrong with that)man gave me a ride back to the main entrance 10min before the park closed.
Opinions: Thought this was around the corner. It wasn't. The trails were marked, but easy to get lost. They were not very technical or "fun". I don't think I would go back. It was good if you are looking for a strong cardio workout. You can really fly through alot of it.Much prefer Frances Beatty for a local ride and Ann Springs for a bit further ride. The trail wasn't much, but it was an adventure.
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Date Ridden: 06/15/2002  -  funkyone of Van Wyck, SC
Route Taken: 521 to 75 to 200 follow the signs
Opinions: They have added new trails this year and I was able to do 16 miles with out over lapping. The new section in my oppion is the tightest and most challenging part of the ride. With a creek crossing and some nice root/rock hills to deal with. Having a place to buy gatorade and snickers at the end of the trail is nice worth the 2 dollor cover I payed
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Date Ridden: 11/16/2001  -  HardTail Craig of Kings Mountain, NC
Route Taken: Only becuz i was trying to avoid all charlotte congetion, 85s to 77s to exit 77 (21south) take 21 to hwy 5 stay left on hwy 5 to hwy 75, go left, take 75 to hwy 521 go north for 4 miles and pick up 75 again and make right, go into waxhaw and turn right on old providence rd, then follow cane creek signs. it sounds complicated but it beats sitting in standstill traffic on independance.
Opinions: Rode every trail today, not really worth the trip from far away, but if you are a beginner and want some mild hills,go for broke! bring at least front suspension though very rooty and rocky.
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Date Ridden: 01/01/1900  -  of ,
Route Taken:
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