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Uwharrie - Keyauwee Trail
Trail Information
Nearest City: Albemarle, NC
How to get there: Hwy 24/27, about 10 miles east of Albemarle, NC.
Trail Length: 6.0 miles
Trail Description: Tight, fast, downhill single track that is a blast to ride!
Other Info: In the fall months, you might want to wear BLAZE ORANGE so hunters will not mistake you for a deer.
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Date Ridden: 03/19/2018  -  Rockohaulic of Midland, NC
Route Taken: Started at SuperTree & finished Keyauwee. So Counter-clockwise
Opinions: Supertree was at least 50% fireroads/doubletrack. Not my cup of tea.

This review is for KEYAUWEE

Woo Hoooooo – Keyauwee is now my favorite trail around! I had so much fun on the nice long wonderful downhills. If I was 27 years old, I would rate the climbing as moderate. But I’m twice that age – so I’m just hoping that my brain will simply forget about the climbing and remember the sweet, long, fast downhills.

The Trailblazers did an awesome job of keeping you going in one direction (either up or down) for a nice long time. That allows you to really get in the zone for your downhills. On other trails around here, as soon as I start having fun on the downhill, it’s time to climb. There are far too many transitions on the other trails. This one has a much better balance! Thank you Trailblazers!

Like the previous reviewer said, this is the closest thing to riding mountains in the "Charlotte NC/Fort Mill SC" area. This is also the closest thing I’ve ridden to my trails in Southern California. If you’ve ever ridden Mt Pinos in Frazier Park, CA, you know what I mean. Well you know – except for all that climbing stuff.

And oh my gosh, what is that up ahead? Sweet, glorious, beautiful rocks! There was one nice long downhill section that I flew over the rocks and just let my FS bike do what it was designed for. Have I died and gone to mountain biking heaven??? It was like I was back in California!

And thankfully there were very few roots in the trail. They even had a few sections where the Trailblazers laid out some nice flat boulders to ride over. Thank you, thank you, thank you! More “Man-made” obstacles please! Awesome!

Anyway - Highly recommended!

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Date Ridden: 03/07/2018  -  IntheBush of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: counter clockwise
Opinions: Closest thing to the mountains without being in the mountains. Rocky with brutal climbs and exciting descents. Be prepared to be gassed. Trail in very good shape.
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Date Ridden: 04/24/2015  -  Patrick of Wingate, NC
Route Taken: All
Opinions: Quickly becoming my favorite trail in the Charlotte region. Tough climbs, extended downhill, a few technical areas. It has great secluded feeling. Very rocky, not too many roots. Overall an excellent ride.
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Date Ridden: 03/15/2015  -  kyle of mooresville, nc
Route Taken: woodrun to keyauwee to supertree then back down the woodrun trail.
Opinions: i road this trail clockwise on my new 2014 diamondback axis comp 650b hardtail and found it to be a very fast and fun trail other than the climbs that murdered my legs lol. i do however wish their were ladder bridges in areas along the downhill side but overall i was very impressed with the trail. especially because it had rained a lot the night be four.
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Date Ridden: 07/13/2014  -  JB of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All Trails except Whitehall
Opinions: Trail gets 5 stars, me possibly 4. Loved the long, fast downhill sections of Keyauwee. The 3rd climb kicked my butt(counter clockwise, I think)in the 95 degree heat. Can't wait to go back. Lots of climbing, but lots of reward and a great challenging workout. The ride will make you go back home & train harder.

Trails are in awesome shape thanks to Trailblazer's, Forest Service and locals. Didn't see bigfoot, but the legend of him being out there helped me up the hills a little.(ha) Two way, fast moving trail traffic added to the adrenaline as well. There was one semi-close head on introduction for the riders in front of me. Supertree has some fast, fun sections but would almost recommend riding it first to save the most fun for last.

It was definitely more of a mountain biking, rather than a trail riding experience that Charlotte Metro area provides. I love the roots & trails here at home and didn't know how I would fair on rocky terrain; however, I had a blast carving through the rocks, which are really not that difficult, and gained such confidence that I didn't pay enough attention to all the loose, dry sand (there's plenty of it) and paid the price around a sharp switchback. You can still see the imprint of my helmet on the side of the berm. Would like to ride it when conditions aren't so arid, maybe a day or two after a rain and 5 degrees cooler. Awesome time, great trails.

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Date Ridden: 06/22/2014  -  Chris of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: trailhead then super tree to Keyauwee to make full loop.
Opinions: Rode this am from Charlotte. Trailhead is easy to find and exactly 40 minutes beyond turnoff for Sherman Branch. The trail is in great shape and rides beautifully. Many comments about Supertree being boring, but I love the slow climbs and blend of single track and forest road. Keyauwee immediately drops a few hundred feet. Mostly smooth singletrack with nice curves. Soil is dry and sandy with rocks but smooth to ride. The direction we rode (CCW) ends with a series of killer climbs. All in all it is a great change from the technical roots of Charlotte and offers nice long climbs. The trail absorbs water beautifully. Supertree was wet, but not slippery at all. If you have some extra time and want a change of scenery from the trails in Charlotte, this should be an easy call. it is also bidirectional, so you can change it up or ride the same trail backwards to pick up some miles.
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Date Ridden: 08/24/2013  -  Tommy of Albemarle, NORTH CAROLINA
Route Taken:
Opinions: Christopher Todd Green Big for your workday today out at Uwharrie! Special thanks to Brian Bristol for organizing the work day, Rodney Smith from the Forest Service, and the Tarheel Trailblazers for bringing the most members. We had probably about 20 people out there and spent about 5 hours working on the trail. That's almost 100 hours of trail work in one day! We got Keyauwee and Supertree completely open! All trails are back open except for Whitetail. We had OHV users and horse folks helping us today also, thank you to these folks. Made some new friends today! Get out there and enjoy YOUR national forest! URE! Like · · Share · 3 hours ago near Seven Lakes, NC ·

Lynda Campbell Green Everything is clear on Supertree. Whitetail is still a mess:( Trailblazers are taking about coming out again to clear Whitetail.

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Date Ridden: 06/28/2013  -  Tommy of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: u=723f073d11ddb51dfc80dff41&id=452096e521&e=9ba2e83bd9
Opinions: just sharing trail info and map if the link works...trail is ride-able....but we had 2 inches of rain on June 28...Friday night.
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Date Ridden: 06/28/2013  -  Tommy of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: The link didn't work in my review below....copy and paste into a browser as it shows in yellow which parts of the trail are me and I'll send you the link or the email that I got from Brian Bristol at Uwharrie Trails and Conservancy. I'll put the text of his email in the Trail Opinion Section.
Opinions: Dear Uwharrie Trail User,

Tomorrows scheduled trail cleanup is canceled due to inclement weather.

We have a storm moving through this evening that will make it much to difficult to work in the morning.

Below is an updated map and description of the trail cleanup progress.

Stay tuned for a rescheduled clean up date.

As always thank you for your continued support!

Uwharrie Trails & Conservancy Clearing of tree debris from Woodrun bike trails continues. Currently the work is proceeding on Keyauwee in a clockwise fashion. There is a section of Keyauwee from just past the high point on Walker Mountain down to the intersection with the Old Keyauwee trail that has not been cleared. If riders want to have an 10 or 11 mile round trip unobstructed ride from the NC Hwy 24-27 parking lot (depending on whether or not one counts the gravel road section mileage from the parking lot to Woodrun Trail); they can ride from the parking lot to the Woodrun Trail, then to the Keyauwee Trail and the second crossing of Walker Mountain Road, turn left (west) on Walker Mountain Road (Old Keyauwee Trail) and go about 1 mile to trail marker for Old Keyauwee Trail on right, take Old Keyauwee across Upper Woodrun Creek and join the new Keyauwee, turn right and proceed about 0.8 miles to un- cleared area and return the same way.

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Date Ridden: 06/16/2013  -  Steve of Charlotte, Nc
Route Taken: All Uwharrie trails have been hit hard by the recent storm. About 35 blowdowns in 5 miles. Will take a lot of work to clear as many are very large.
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Date Ridden: 09/16/2012  -  JK of Matthews, NC
Route Taken: keyawee plus others
Opinions: awesome!!! challenges all your mountain bike skills!!!
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Date Ridden: 09/04/2012  -  Banjopickin of Miserable Springs, NC
Route Taken: From the parking lot I usually ride up the road to the Woodrun Trail(on the right.) I then head up Keyauwee clockwise. Riding it clockwise has more fast downhill trail and less climbing, altough there is a fair amount of climbing either direction you go. After topping out on the road I ride up and hang a left on Supertree and climb up to White Tail on the right. Head down Whitetail, and at the bottom hang a left on the road, back up Supertree and back down Keyauwee in the opposite direction as before. Head down Woodrun and back to the parking lot. This ride is around 20 miles or so. To save your energy you may want to do Keyauwee counter clockwise first due to the big climbs.
Opinions: These trails are bad to the bone. Super fast and flowy with technical rock sections and big climbs. Everything you would ever want in a good trail. The best part is, due to the soil composition and geology, these trails are perfect after heavy rains and dont close. In my opinion, these are the best trails east of the mountains. Ride URE!
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Date Ridden: 08/03/2012  -  Michael of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Keyauwee
Opinions: Down to about 40 trees across the trail (thank you to whomever has been clearing). Expect to hike if you intend to do the whole thing. I would recommend to go clockwise until the amount of trees become ridiculous (my guess is about 3 miles in).
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Date Ridden: 06/17/2012  -  Chris of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: C C/W continuing from Supertree
Opinions: going C C/W starts with miles of flowing downhill single track... very nicely done. This portion reminds me of some of the dark mountain loops; be prepared for a fairly steep 2+ mile climb out of the valley. Great workout... nothing in the way of views but a great Nat Forest to ride in. Both trails have been cleaned up nicely compared to years ago.
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Date Ridden: 04/29/2012  -  Alex T. of Monroe, NC
Route Taken: Keyowee trail
Opinions: Great trail system, flows good a couple grueling climbs but well worth it for the great downhill sections, and lots of jumps, totally different type of terrain than majority of charlotte trails, used map my ride n came out with11 miles n its always off by 3-4 miles, still a great ride n well worth the drive from charlotte
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Date Ridden: 04/06/2012  -  Austin E. of Indianapolis, Indiana
Route Taken: We rode the Keyauwee and SuperTree Trail
Opinions: WOW, Keyauwee was by far one of my most enjoyable trails ever ridden. What made it so enjoyable was not the steep up hills or fast switch back downhills with the little jumps, but the challenging routes you had to take to stay on your bike. The uphills were mixed with many obstacles that set apart the experienced riders from the beginners. Anyone can power up a hill or speed down a descent but few can find that nice line that creates efficiency, speed, and most important of course - comfort. In any case, I will recommend others visit this trail as they head south. Just wish it was a little longer as Supertree was an absolute joke. It was all fire roads and very boring compared to what you just finished on Keyauwee. I would almost recommend turning around and riding Keyauwee backwards than riding SuperTree. In any case, had a blast and will be back again, Lord willing.
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Date Ridden: 12/24/2011  -  Jayson of Charlotte, Nc
Route Taken:
Opinions: This is a great overall trail. It starts out with a challenging climb followed by a nice decent, and then again back up the mountain. This is a great trail for those that love a challenge and have endurance. Lots of climbs followed by great fun decents and switch backs. Lots of rocks and roots to roll over. Keep in mind this is a very rocky trail much different than most Charlotte area trails.
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Date Ridden: 11/12/2011  -  rocky of chy town, north kakalacki
Route Taken: all of them foward and then backward
Opinions: The best trail system I have ever riden. So fast , so very fast. Great jobs to the men and women who helped build the new loop. I like the idea of mixing it up with the old trail into the new. The rock gardens where fun to barrel through and the climbs , I say where a bitch at times only because I didn't eat the nite before. All in all that place is the best there is . Poplar though is still my favorite.
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Date Ridden: 11/08/2011  -  Charlie of Lexington, NC
Route Taken: Both ways on Keyawee and Supertree with friends.
Opinions: My favorite trail by far. New parts represent the best design available to mountain bikers up until this date and I like the old parts for giving respect to those who got this all started and funded.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 10/06/2011  -  Tommy Taylor of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: From the rest room, to the left....clockwise on Keyauwee....out and back...newly built trail. Ed Sutton and his crew have made lots of new trail since my last ride. They were finishing for the day as I rode in. Ed says that they will probably finish the re-route off of Walker Mountain Road and re-connect to the other side of Keyauwee early next week. He has a creek crossing which he guesses will take a couple of days to armor with rocks. I wasn't paying close attention coming out...I new I was near the end when I hit this very nice roller coaster downhill It was the same downhill as before....but with all of the rebuilding I couldn't tell it.
Opinions: I rate it a 5 for the out and back section that I rode. Terrain + new singletrack = +++++ Lots of alternate sections...lots of long and exciting uphills and downhills.
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Date Ridden: 10/03/2011  -  Tommy Taylor of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: From the much improved outhouse, I went the left up Keyauwee. Construction by Trail Dynamics....let by Ed Sutton was evident immediately. A series of rolling grade dips led up the hill to a re-route to the left which takes you to the top of the hill. The downhill section is also improved with drainage and rolling grade dips and another re-route near the bottom. You come out on a fire road named Walker Mountain Road...almost immediately, new contruction takes the trail to the left downhill through excellent single track...and back uphill crossing Walker Mountain Road again....back into the woods. You continue about 1/4 to 1/2 mile and you'll run into the Trail Dynamics crew working. They are scheduled to work until the end of October. The new construction will completely re-route around Walker Mountain road including a new creek crossing. I understand that there will be more improvements on Keyauwee and Supertree. The recently bulldozed fireroad will be worked on to improve drainage only....not to fix it as logging has not begun. We'll need to hope for a future project to fix or re-route around this section
Opinions: I still can't believe that all of this is happening.....very nice!
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Date Ridden: 09/05/2011  -  Tom of Kannapolis, NC
Route Taken: Keyuawee. Park at the Woodrun Camp and the Keyauwee is to the left as a climb, or ride the road to the junction. Keyauwee to the left and Supertree to the right. THere is a 1.5 mile trail paralell to the road out of the camp.
Opinions: Logging is done. Rode the route CC. THe climb to the single trak is steady, but worth the effort. There is some fast fun stuff here. It drains well and is rideable when nothing else is.
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Date Ridden: 04/03/2011  -  Steve of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken: Keyauwee
Opinions: Sad to say but more muddy roads have replaced singletrack on this trail! Not sure it is worth the trip anymore.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/10/2009  -  Duke of Midland, NC
Route Taken: Started at the far left entrance facing the gate on the gravel road, at the hunters camp.
Opinions: lots of climbing. beautiful wilderness. Enjoyed not having anyone behind or in front of me on the trail. Just me and the woods.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/06/2008  -  Rob of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Keyauwee, then Supertree
Opinions: My first ride in this area, and after a hard night of rain, so it was nice and slick. A very good trail, with a few climbs that are technical, but not horribly so; the climbs and downhills are much longer than most trails around Charlotte, which was refreshing and exhausting. Definitely worth the ride, a bit more familiarity and drier conditions will help immensely.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 06/28/2008  -  Todd of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Boring Supertree c/clockwise to AWESOME Keyauwee
Opinions: Keyauwee is an awesome trail with some sweet technical downhills that are tough to match around here. Tough climbs with awesome downhills...loose rock, roots, take full advantage of your suspension...Well worth the drive from Charlotte
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/23/2007  -  Charlie Sink of Lexington, NC
Route Taken: Counterclockwise Supertree then Keyawee
Opinions: I ride this trail once or twice a month and I love its remoteness and the fact that you are not just going back and forth in a very small area. According to my GPS, by doing both trails you circle about 13 hundred acres. The rocks and roots are just about right for my riding as I do like a little battle along the way. After a few rides you get used to the hills and they are easily doable. This is the perfect trail for me.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/04/2007  -  Tim of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Clockwise
Opinions: Best described as an equation...Reward- Payment=Keyauwee. Lots of great downhill reward, but you will pay, oh yes, you will pay. The uphills are technical, rooty and rocky, but they are worth the fast downhill reward even if you have to walk them (I admit it, I walked about half of the uphills). A couple of neat creek crossings thrown in for fun.
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Date Ridden: 03/04/2007  -  Mark of Midland, NC
Route Taken: leave the parking lot @24/27, travel the gravel road to Keyauwee trail counterclockwise, end up at hunt camp.
Opinions: good climbs and downhills with some good views of the uwharrie national forest. Lots of roots and rocks. Combined with supertree, a very good workout.
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Date Ridden: 01/01/2007  -  Brad (WOD) of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: Keyauwee and Supertree. Very tight, lots of rocks and roots. Fast downhills, long uphills. The gravel roads are fun too. I would like to see more obstacles to play on. The trails are on the Uwharrie National Forest. Great views and a great work out.
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Date Ridden: 12/29/2006  -  Brian of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: From woodrun trail parking lot, take the fire road to wood run camp. Bear right onto Supertree and follow the loop through to Keyauwee.
Opinions: Its National Forest riding. Its awsome - not sure why there are not more posts here. It has alot of variety, distance, good elevation and some sweet descents! More is to come as new trails in the forest get approved! Where else can you go to ride in a National Forest that is less than an hour from Charlotte :)
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Date Ridden: 04/30/2004  -  Tommy Taylor of Albemarle, NC
Route Taken: CCWise
Opinions: Uwharrie-Woodrun Mountain Bike Trail System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who can use the mountain bike trails? A: Hikers and mountain bikers.

Q: Who maintains the trails? A: The Uwharrie Mountain Bike Association (UMBA), an International Mountain Bike affiliate (IMBA) has signed a trail adoption agreement with the USDA Forest Service and works with the Uwharrie Wheelmen, the Tar Heel Trailblazers Mountain Bike Club, the Sandhills Cycling Club, the Just Fresh- Clif Bar Cycling Team, the Yadkin River Trail Association, and the Yadkin-Pee Dee Lakes Project. Much of the minor trail maintenance is “do it yourself.” Any rider is authorized to fix face-slappers and blowdowns, etc.

Q: Where do the mountain bike trails start? Do they leave from the parking lot? A: No, the trailheads of Supertree and Keyauwee are located 1.5 miles down Woodrun Road, the gravel road to the Woodrun Hunt Camp. You know you’ve reached the hunt camp if you come to a large clearing with a permanent port-a-john. Keyauwee starts on the left side of the hunt camp it stays to the left of Woodrun Road and comes back to Woodrun road. Supertree starts on the right side of the hunt camp near the gate and runs on the right side of Woodrun road. Supertree ends a 1.5 miles down Woodrun Road…just across the intersection from the “end” of Keyauwee.

Q: I’m confused; explain where the Keyauwee and Supertree trailheads are located again. A: Woodrun road is the key as it runs down the middle of the mountain bike trails. Keyauwee and Supertree both start 1.5 miles down Woodrun Road at the Hunt Camp. Keyauwee stays to the left of Woodrun; Supertree stays to the right. Both trails meet again a mile or two further down Woodrun road. Since together, both trails are just one big circle, many riders ride both, as one big loop. If you park at the main parking lot, ride down Woodrun Road and ride both trails as one loop, the dista

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Date Ridden: 05/25/2003  -  Hoss of Harrisburg, PA
Route Taken: Fire road past Wood Run Camp, Left onto Keyauwee, exiting at Wood Run Camp
Opinions: Great Trail. The fire road spinning gets you warmed up and the singletrack is fast! Well worth the trip!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/01/2001  -  Dan Schell of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: From road trailhead, up to campsite, past bar across road, and left at Keyauwee trail sign.
Opinions: This trail is very different than the SuperTree. First 1.5 miles are logging road, rest is rocky, climbing. Has some nice views of the mountains around, that SuperTree doesn't have.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/01/2001  -  Dan Schell of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: From road trailhead, up to campsite, past bar across road, and left at Keyauwee trail sign.
Opinions: This trail is very different than the SuperTree. First 1.5 miles are logging road, rest is rocky, climbing. Has some nice views of the mountains around, that SuperTree doesn't have.
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Date Ridden: 11/14/2001  -  carson of charlotte, nc
Route Taken: the whole thing........ i messed up and put this one included with supertree loop or wat ever
Opinions: but super tree was very fast and downhill and disappointing but in a way a reward for making it up the hilss of the keyauwee trail...... this one if definitly better
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

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