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Horizon Park
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Nearest City: Winston Salem, NC
How to get there: From I-40 take 52 north to highway 8 Turn left at light (north) maybe 5 miles there is a sign on right that says Horizon park, turn there go maybe 1 mile the park is on both sides of the road, but the trail is on left.
Trail Length: 4.5 Miles
Trail Description: Follow the gravel path down to the woods, The trail is VERY well marked, turns, drops, shortcuts, etc. Nothing real technical except one maybe 6 foot gully, some short really steep climbs and a few logs. good cardio workout. One long climb, some fast places and the usual roots. Very well marked and clean.
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Date Ridden: 04/28/2007  -  JR of Hillsdale, NC
Route Taken: Started out going counter-clockwise taking all options,then reversed and rode clockwise.
Opinions: Nice compact trail with a lot of short fairly steep inclines,has a few log crossings and a couple of small bridges,there are a few fast spots for getting up some speed,not real technical but all the short steep inclines would be a little much for beginners,its a short trail at around 3 miles but ride it in both directions and its pretty good,only drawback is there is about a 150 yard incline back to the parking lot that will give you a good workout before you leave
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Date Ridden: 02/21/2002  -  James Stokes of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken: I rode the outer loop first, counterclockwise, without riding the Technical loops. Next, I rode it again and included all four of the optional, technical loops.
Opinions: Taking this route made for a powerful hard workout! This trail's not as Hobby Park because it's all crowded into a small spot of land, not like Hobby which is spread out all around the whole park. It is a good trail with lots of tough climbs and sharp drop-offs. The only detraction was that you had to keep looking at the same landscape over and over again.
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