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Harrisburg Half
Trail Information
Nearest City: Harrisburg, NC
How to get there: From the University: Hwy 49 North to Harrisburg (Exit 42 on I-85 North; Exit 33 on I-485). In Harrisburg at the intersection of Rt. 49 and Morehead (to the left) and Sims Blvd. (to the right) turn RIGHT onto Sims Blvd. Landmarks: cemetery and Circle K on the left, Wachovia branch on the right. Take Sims Blvd. two blocks and turn left into the Harrisburg Town Park. Follow the park road to its end at the parking lot in front of the picnic shelter. There is a new weather proof sign up the hill just beyond the volleyball pit to the left of the picnic shelter. The trail begins right behind the sign.

From Concord: the Wachovia branch will be on your left, turn LEFT onto Sims Blvd. Follow directions above.

From Charlotte via Robinson Church Road: turn LEFT onto Oakley, which is the street just before you get to Rt. 49. Follow Oakley to its end at Sims Blvd. (about 2 blocks). Turn LEFT onto Sims Blvd. and follow the directions above.

From Charlotte via Morehead: cross Rt. 49 and go straight ahead. Morehead turns into Sims Blvd. Follow directions above.

Trail Length: 1/2 Mile
Trail Description: The Harrisburg Trail is a "short track" open to all skill levels with short track (dirt criterion) racing in mind. The trail starts at the top of the hill to the left of the picnic shelter (standing in the parking lot, facing the shelter). You can see the trail bulletin board from the parking lot. The trail entrance is just beyond it. The trail can be divided into 4 sections (for the purpose of referring to its parts). Section one begins at the top of the hill, includes 4 berms and exits on to the park service road. From there you ride up the service road about 50+ feet to the beginning of section 2, which heads off into the woods down to the left. This is the "downhill" section, and includes 2 berms and a culvert crossing. This section exits into a small grassy field. Travel straight into the field 100-150 ft and enter section 3 into the woods to the right. This begins the second half of the trail and is uphill until you begin your next lap. Section 3 exits across the park walking trail. You travel straight ahead into section 4. Section 4 exits onto the park walking trail. Go to the right and follow the park walking trail up past the shelter. As the walking trail bears around to the left at the top of the hill you will see the trail bulletin board and the beginning of the trail.
Other Info: 2006 Short Track Race Series October 14, 21, 28 & November 11th. Trail coodinator contact:


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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 03/03/2018  -  Jason of Harrisburg, NC
Route Taken: See website for map service/project-updates/parks-and-recreation-projects or k-model.pdf
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 06/02/2017  -  Nick of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Full Loop
Opinions: This is a fun little trail for those days you can't ride for long or don't have time to drive somewhere larger. You can rip the top section in a matter of a minute and have a smile on your face the whole time. Take 8-10 laps, work up a sweat and hone some skills in 30 mins. What could be better for a quick ride!?
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 03/15/2016  -  Jax of Belmont, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: It appears as though this trail was in the process of being leveled when I came today :(
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 01/15/2016  -  Matt of Concord, NC
Route Taken: Full loop
Opinions: The trail is in good shape. Apparently recent work has been done to fix the reroutes. It's short, sweet and perfect for an intro into riding mountain bikes. The features have just enough technical goodness to practice good skills. There is quite a bit of elevation gain from the bottom of the loop back up, so, repeating it can be a great interval workout. One issue most people have with it the first time, is knowing where to go. The trail is a little disjointed and could probably stand a little more signage, but once you find the ins and out's, it's easy to remember.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/17/2015  -  Kevin of Mint Hill, NC
Route Taken: As prescribed
Opinions: This "trail" was disappointing. I was excited to ride it, since it sounded fast and fun from some of the reviews. However, it wasn't well marked and the woodsy downhill section seemed overgrown. There's not much flow to this trail: first half is all downhill, second half is all uphill. Not much fun...
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/31/2014  -  Nathan of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Harrisburg Half - Started at trail head by top of hill behind volleyball court
Opinions: Good beginner trail, well kept. I enjoyed this trail for my first time out. The trail finishes into an area behind the park that is now under construction. So, there will be houses at the bottom of the hill in a year from now. I rode the trail for about 7 laps. I would definitely recommend it to someone new or someone looking for a quick trip out.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 03/10/2013  -  michael of concord, nc
Route Taken: Harrisburg Half
Opinions: Fun first trail going downhill but this trail needs ARROWS...I though i was going the correct way until i finally realized i wasnt.. The Start of the trail is at the top of the hill about 150 ft from shelter, but look hard its on the right and its a 70 degree turn backwards from the way your going. BE CAREFUL of the burms loose brick mark them and they are basically flat, not much angle.Fun trail first two laps after that got boring..
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 06/01/2010  -  Ryan of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Full trail five or six laps
Opinions: First place I went on my new bike. Decided to start riding after graduating. Trail is pretty fun but short (half-mile). A little hard to figure out what direction youre supposed to go. Arrows would be very helpful. Fun trail
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 08/05/2008  -  Kevin of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: It was a fun trail but kind of confusing on the second half. Maybe some arrows?
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/06/2008  -  Robert of Harrisburg, NC
Route Taken: I ride my Scott Reflex 45 about a mile there.
Opinions: I live extremely close to this trail; thus, I ride my bike down to it almost every day. Honestly, if I didn't enjoy riding to it, I wouldn't ride it at all.

If you are a beginner with trail riding, this might be your trail. It takes me less than six or seven minutes to ride the whole thing, and thats when I'm winded.

There is nothing technical, nothing exotic, however, it is quite exhilarating on the middle section going down a small slope. But, that section ends right when it gets fun.

I am only an intermediate biker, but I basically use the trail for a shortcut when traveling.

I do recommend this to beginners, it is fun to ride, not too difficult, and not too long if you can't ride long distances.

Summary: Good piece of trail, just way too short.

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 10/01/2007  -  Mark of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Started/ended at trailhead, by the volleyball court.
Opinions: This was my first time riding this trail. I am an intermediate-skilled rider.

I rode this trail for about 45 minutes, completing each lap in just under 4 minutes each.

There is nothing particularly difficult about the trail - there are NO log-crossings, NO rock gardens, NO stream-crossings, etc.

There ARE, however, several quick, banked turns that help to make this little trail "fun" and worthwhile.

Especially fun is the downhill portion of the trail. Too bad this piece of trail-goodness lasts such a short time - maybe 30-45 seconds out of each lap.

My bottom line on this trail is as follows:

You don't want to drive 50 miles to ride this trail, but if you happen to live or work near it, by all means, stop and give it an hour of your time every so often. The downhill section IS fun, and maybe it is just addictive enough to keep you saying "Just one more lap...just one more lap before I go..."

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 08/28/2006  -  Sean of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Started at the TOP down to the end and back 6-7 times
Opinions: If this is your thing I guess its great! The gravel needs more ridding so it is not as loose... Berms are fun once you get used to them...I like XC much more but a good work out when short on time/light easy to find and well maintained.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

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