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Bent Creek
Trail Information
Nearest City: Asheville, NC
How to get there: From I-26: Take exit #33. Follow highway 191 south for 2.5 miles. Turn RIGHT into Benk Creek, Lake Powatan
Trail Length: Who really knows??
Trail Description: Grits, gravy, roots, rocks, singletrack....Some of the trails have recently been destroyed by the Forest Service, but plenty still remain...Some ugly climbs, some fast decents...Pick up a trail map (a must) at Carolina Fatz. (
Other Info: Recent trail repairs (FEMA funding from the 2005 hurricane damage) has elevated Bent Creek to new heights. New trails and facelifts to many of the existing trails (Greens Lick, Comotose, Boyd Branch, etc.) have resulted in a whole new riding experience, and trails that are more sustainable.


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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 09/01/2012  -  Bob of Harrisburg, NC
Route Taken: wolf branch, Ingles field, rd 491, Greens lick, gravel road to campground connector, paved road back to parking area.
Opinions: Very nice trail system. Take a map. The climbing was difficult, but worth every bit to ride Greens lick back down. Awesome downhill run.
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Date Ridden: 10/06/2011  -  Mski of Matthews, Nc
Route Taken: Mouse bridge, Thompson, left loop
Opinions: Great rolling and long grades. Well kept. Not hard technically but a good workout.
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Date Ridden: 07/03/2009  -  Brad of Matthews, North Carolina
Route Taken: Almost all of the south side trails, and a couple on the north.
Opinions: VERY nice trail system. The theory of the trail builders seemed to be "go straight up the hill, then straight down." Even though most of the trails aren't too long, they work you but it is definitely worth it because the downhills are AWESOME. Like a Rollercoaster. Lake powahatan campground was a nice place to stay as well, though $20 dollars a night is a bit steep.
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Date Ridden: 05/30/2009  -  Andy K. of Harrisburg, NC
Route Taken: Explorer Loop, Sleepy Gap, Sidehill, and Many others
Opinions: This was a fabulous place to ride. I thoroughly enjoyed the views, long climbs, and rewarding descents. This is a great park. I can't wait to go back and do some more exploring!
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Date Ridden: 09/06/2007  -  jack singlespeed of Seattle , Washington
Route Taken: Not sure of the trail names anymore but I parked at the first trail head from the hwy. Made several loops out and back from the lake.
Opinions: Excellent trails. Many thanks to the trail builders ( trail gods ). I rode my single speed all over this area. I had a four hour window to ride and this place did it for me. I'll bet it rides alot like the pacific northwest in the rainy winter. Lots of slippery roots and rocks. Thanks for lettin'me use your trails!
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Date Ridden: 03/24/2007  -  Derek of Mooresville, NC
Route Taken: Green's Lick, Explorer loop, Pine Tree loop - all both directions, various other trails and dirt/gravel roads
Opinions: Bent Creek has a great series of trails, especially for someone who likes to go fast and jump. I rode about 23 miles without repeating anything other than going different directions on the same trail and I still didn't see most of what it has to offer. I mostly stuck to the trails that are blue/white on the map. I did not do any of the trails that are red/white and open to horses, although I will include some of those on my next trip. The trails I rode are extremely fast on the downhills and the uphills are not too tough considering it is in the mountains. There are lots of nice jumping opportunities on the downhills. Green's Lick is like nothing I've ever ridden before... nearly ten minutes of blazing fast downhills with jump after jump, although I would recommend taking the long way around to the top rather than trying to ride up it.

I could also spend all day on the Explorer and Pine Tree loops alone... just a few minutes into Explorer I was having a blast but I knew that I would have to ride it the other direction as well. I will definitely be back now that I am familiar with the map and how the mess of trails connects together. You could ride Bent Creek hundreds of times and never take the same route. It is definitely worth the drive up from the Charlotte area for an amazing day of riding.

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Date Ridden: 09/13/2006  -  Bill of Huntersville, NC
Route Taken: 491 to Green's Lick
Opinions: They warned me about the 50 minute, 1500' elevation climb but the scenery was well worth it. Green's Lick was an absolute BLAST! You switch back down the mountain side over large jumps and banked turns. There are several trail options to take back to the main road. This park was packed with wonderful scenery and LOTS of places to explore
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Date Ridden: 05/06/2006  -  Naylor of Fort Mill, SC
Route Taken: Up ingles gap to north boundary then down Green's Lick. Up Green's Lick again and back down - repeat until you can't see straight
Opinions: Went down the new trail Green's Lick. This is not your typical Pisgah rooty, rocky, rough trail. Looks like they turned a BMX'er loose with a bobcat. Very smooth, lots of small and some medium sized jumps, and berms. You get going pretty fast because of how smooth the trail is. A blast to ride, you will be giggling like a school girl - one jump after another after another! Great trail for all - beginners can roll the jumps and everyone else can try and turn some of the jumps into doubles.
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