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Hickory City Park
Trail Information
Nearest City: Hickory, NC
How to get there: 1515 12th Street Drive NW, Hickory NC 28601
Trail Length: 8+ miles
Trail Description: 8+ miles of single track with some downhill runs. Also has a paved bike/run path that the single track crosses back and forth.
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 06/26/2017  -  UKNOW of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: Existing trail is changing.
Opinions: The trail is in the process of a total update. It will be a Flow Trail when its done. There will be a separate beginners loop and a separate advanced loop. There will also be pump track. The city of Hickory will be building a new larger parking lot for both the Tennis courts and Mtn bikers to park in.
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Date Ridden: 10/21/2015  -  Finn Hassing of HICKORY, North Carolina
Route Taken: Trail marked with red flagging.
Opinions: This trail is difficult. Steep climbs and descents and tight turns. Marking could be better. No maps available
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Date Ridden: 09/03/2013  -  Dennis of Columbia, SC
Route Taken: Yellow trail
Opinions: I was lucky enough to follow another biker whom at the end we formally introduced ourselves. His name was John and had "dealer" license plate on his vehicle. I was stopping in the beginning to make sure I was on the trail which at times was not marked clearly, at least for me to follow. I asked John if I could follow him which was really nice for two reasons: I didn't have to check crossings to see which way to go, and secondly, he was clearing all the spider webs off the trail for me. Anyhow, this was the most difficult 6 miles I had ever ridden. Not saying it in a bad way, I loved it. So gnarly, twisty, tough, rough and at no time does it give you a chance to take a break. It is relentless. I say all that in a complementary way. What a great workout. I will return now that I have once ridden it and see if I can lead someone who might need a little direction. I understand two guys are on this trail almost daily taking care of it. I say thank you and it is much appreciated by those who dare this trail.
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Date Ridden: 12/12/2012  -  ubado of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: Local area trail, with that, Whole trail most rides ... forward & backwards ... sometimes I'll omit sections if pressed for time.
Opinions: All around a solid trail. Good combination of up and down hill. This trail will work you though. Great for training and cardio. Advanced beginner/Intermediate skill level ... can be very difficult for first timers. New trails and extensions have been built recently ... guessing it's about 6+ miles. Rather rooty through most sections, not really any rocky sections or drops ... but still relatively technical, nice downhills, lengthy climbs, crossings. Easy to skip sections if wanted. Fairly easy to follow. Dries quickly. Not too bad when wet (sopping) even with slick roots. Not too many riders on the trails at once. Nice pump/jump track between trail sections. Have ridden many area MTB parks, Hickory is about my favorite. Even with riding it more days than not ... I'm still not bored with it ... so that's gotta say something. (warning to those who are afraid of snakes ... there are quite a lot of black snakes during spring/summer months)*
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Date Ridden: 11/18/2012  -  Voodoo of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: The whole trail!!!
Opinions: We have added some more new sections to the trail. We have added 4 berms to the 1st section and a small rock garden. I believe that we have more people riding the trail now then ever, just by looking at the leaves on the trail. So come on out and ride the trail. I still rate the trail a 5 since it still will work your lungs and legs. So come on out and ride!!!
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Date Ridden: 05/16/2012  -  Mark of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: Several sections but not the whole trail
Opinions: Great to see this trail being maintained and updated. It's a fun ride with lots challenging parts (at least for me). Recommended if you're in the area.
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Date Ridden: 04/01/2012  -  SpecEpic of Boone, NC
Route Taken: all
Opinions: I have been riding these trails for years, great to see the new additions! Great place to ride and hone your technical skills.
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Date Ridden: 03/28/2012  -  Bob of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: all
Opinions: UPDATE: Jeff and Al have been busted their a**es out there and have added additional trail and replaced an old bridge. They also cut out a bunch of roots for all the WHINERS and built some shortcuts to detour around some tough climbing for all the WHINERS and even leveled out the tricky little creek crossing for all the WHINERS. Bottom line? It's easier so quit bitchin' and start bikin'. This trail is fun!
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Date Ridden: 03/08/2012  -  Bob of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: All of it.
Opinions: This trail is tough, no doubt about it. Be prepared to bust a lung. But it's by far the funnest neighborhood run I've ever ridden. If you like well groomed, flat easy stuff head over to Lake Norman or the like cause you will not like Hick Park. Many thanks to Al and Jeff and the handful of volunteers who created and maintain these trails. Put them in your regular routine and soon those big tough climbs in the mountains won't be as tough anymore, you'll be amazed. Or grab a light and come on out for a night ride. You'll have a great time and meet some real friendly people...
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Date Ridden: 02/24/2012  -  Voodoo of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: All of the trails.
Opinions: Yes if you can ride here you can ride anywhere. Roots, off camber sections, tight sections, hard climbs and etc. This trail is all about Mtn. biking. It has just about every obstacle you would encounter in the mountains. Mtn. biking is rocks, trees, roots, etc. A groomed trail doesn't have the "mountain" in mountain biking. It was marked very well but kids have taken all the arrows down. We found them in a old tree stump. We are planning on using a paint dot on the trees to mark the trail. The trail always comes back to the paved path for a quick exit or a cool down. The trail will work your lungs. HARD! This trail will challenge you and your skills. Ride time is about 1 hr. if you ride all of the trails. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!
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Date Ridden: 02/22/2012  -  todd of Hickory, NC
Route Taken: All trails
Opinions: Hickory trails are a beast. There is climbing that will bust a lung and some fun down hills. It is a gym (or gem) that conditions us to ride just about anything. When I first started riding I was told if you can ride Hickory you can ride anything. The flow of Hickory is in the wind that your sucking. Hickory will make you a good & fast rider anywhere you go. I love it and thank the guys that retain it.
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Date Ridden: 10/10/2011  -  John E. of Chapel Hill, NC
Route Taken: first left off the paved trail
Opinions: I have ridden this trail for 3 years now. There is a LOT packed into this short trail (~6 miles). Steep drops, bridges, steep rooty climbs up switchbacks, off-camber section that can drop you into the lake. Riding it in reverse is even harder, there are a couple of killer hills that I have yet to conquer. Only issue is there are a lot of intersections, so finding your way around will take some exploring. Many thanks to Al and Jeff and whoever else keeps this trail up. I love it!
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Date Ridden: 03/19/2011  -  natedawg of lincolnton, NC
Route Taken: side closest to parking lot.
Opinions: This trail has huge potential. And don't get me wrong, the parts I rode were really fun, I just wasn't sure where I was going. I didn't see a trail map and didn't find the yellow arrows till late into my ride. If this was better marked and a little more manicured, it would be incredible. I'm new to the area and am not sure why this trail isn't more talked about or reviewed. To help others out, go left on the paved bike path coming out of the parking lot. Enter the woods to the left and at the first fork go left. After that you'll see the arrows till you come out into the street again. After that I wasn't sure where to go. Nice man made jumps where you come out of first section though.
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