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Denver XC Trail
Trail Information
Nearest City: Denver, NC
How to get there: From Charlotte: take HWY 16 N. to Denver/north of HWY 73.

From Lake Norman: take HWY 73 west. Then North on HWY 16.

Address is:

3549 N. Hwy 16 Denver, NC 28037 Across from Denver Baptist Church and BB&T. Turn left into main gate and then another immediate left to posted gate.

Trail Length: 4 miles
Trail Description: A mix of wooded single track and greenway style field trail. Come and enjoy LKNM's newest addition to the trails!
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 07/01/2014  -  Josh M. of Huntersville, NC
Route Taken: Rode the perimeter trails twice clockwise.
Opinions: This was my first time riding the trail. I took in a couple quick laps. The first section is a little washed out and roots are prominent on the slopes. This makes for a nice challenge. Two small bridges are a welcome change to the terrain. The vines and weeds were cleaned up and away from the single track. The outer circle seems fast and well groomed, not a lot of erosion to speak of. The trail was marked with yellow tape and easy to follow. The trail head was well marked but if you weren't looking for it, you'd definitely miss the entrance as it is 20 feet into an open field. I came across a walker and a runner on the trail. Seems like it could be a popular trail.
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Date Ridden: 11/01/2013  -  Gary Miller of Denver, NC
Route Taken: I have ridden this track about two dozen times. The course is divided up into 3 sections. When beginning, the trail to the left takes you through a tough section that is steep and has sharp turns. Not difficult in terms of technically challenging but it will get your heart pumping. The second section is the easy part. Very, very bumpy due to the large number of roots but still easy. About half way through this section there is a split for an advanced trail. I haven't taken this one so I can't comment.
Opinions: The whole trail/area is very nice. In spring when everything starts growing it "may" be a little overgrown with vines, branches which is to be expected. Nothing major just watch your arms and duck once in a while. The rest of the year it is then obstacle free.

I am no advanced rider, maybe just intermediate and to me and my 9 yr old son this is a very easy trail...........just very bumpy

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Date Ridden: 05/28/2013  -  Daniel of Huntersville, NC
Route Taken: Normal clockwise loop.
Opinions: My first time riding this trail in about 3 years. It looks like it has been forgotten.....very overgrown in many places. The 1st section has a branch off the main trail, that will now be referred to as the Poison Ivy Loop. Stuff was everywhere. Very disapointed and probably won't be riding here again.
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Date Ridden: 04/07/2012  -  Shawn of Mooresville, NC
Route Taken: The normal route
Opinions: Overall I think this is a decent tight single-track. It's a little rough at the start which has washed out a bit. There are some nice climbs and some opportunities for speed about halfway through. I didn't find it to be very technical and it was a very easy ride. Despite some of its shortcomings, I'll definitely be back for another ride.
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Date Ridden: 09/11/2011  -  Dave of Denver, NC
Route Taken: This trail is one way for riders. It Rides Clockwise. Walkers/Joggers go counter-clockwise.
Opinions: The trail is in poor condition and needs some TLC. I ride the trail 2 or 3 times a month. It is the easiest trail I have ridden in the area and it rides pretty fast for tight single track. It takes me approx 20 min to ride the entire trail. My 8 year old son sometime rides with me. He does have some problems with the 1st 3 or 4 climbs, but he just walks the few short steep sections. The trail has a few log obstacles, a pump section and some burms. There are no jumps. There is one small drop (approx 2 ft) that you can ride or drop. The first half of the trail is 3 or 4 downhills/ climbs. The second half is flatter and faster with gradual climbs and downhills. Unfortunatley the trail is in poor shape. Rain has washed out the first downhill section pretty bad. The bottom of the hills are in terrible shape. There is one creek crossing that has a cement block sticking out of it just begging to bend your rim. The trail markers (red arrow signs on a trees) are missing or faded and folded over from age. If you don't know the trail, you will get turned around fairly easy. A little TLC and the trail will be good as new.
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Date Ridden: 05/12/2011  -  Andrew of Stanley, North Carolina
Route Taken: Clockwise
Opinions: For the groups of us who are still getting our legs back underneath us after NOT riding for 8 or 10 years, this trail is tough...ESPECIALLY the first section...*whew*...but that is why we have fun and to get back into shape. I liked it and I will ride it again. Team Purple Stuff (the unchosen ones) was here!
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Date Ridden: 04/13/2011  -  TJK of Cornelius, NC
Route Taken: Counter Clockwise entire track
Opinions: This was the first time I did the more difficult part to the left side. It was a good cardio workout and had some good technical stuff. I enjoyed the rest as always. It has some longer stretches between switchbacks that allows you get some speed. The transitions from heavy woods to the fields make for a great ride. BSG did a great job with this trail. Two big trees had fallen in the last storm and were already cleared.
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Date Ridden: 03/26/2011  -  Lee of Denver, NC
Route Taken: counter-clockwise, walking
Opinions: The trail is in great shape. Lots of sticks on the ground from the recent overnight thunderstorm. I picked them up and tossed them off the trail as I walked. If riding, the first wooded section has elevation changes around almost every turn. Not too steep, but some are long. Well, too long for this 47 year old, out of shape, not been on a MTB for a long time. When I get there for a ride, I'm skipping that section until I get some more rides under my belt. The wooded section to the right was more rolling terrain and should be a lot of fun.
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Date Ridden: 11/22/2010  -  Darrell of Conover, N.C.
Route Taken: counter clockwise , all areas
Opinions: rode 3 times...I liked it . some switchbacks in the open field for longer ride would be cool..nice layout though...enjoyed it
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Date Ridden: 12/05/2009  -  todd c of charlotte, nc
Route Taken: Complete trail
Opinions: I enjoyed the ride,a lot of trail in a small piece of property. All the steep climbs our at the beginning with a lot of switch backs through out the rest of the trail
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Date Ridden: 10/10/2009  -  Daniel of Denver, NC
Route Taken: all
Opinions: Great for beginners. I would like to see more technical sections and jumps. Being located beside a skate park, you would think there would be plenty of jumps and skinnies. It is a nice and easy ride. I'm just glad I don't have to drive 30 minutes to ride a trail.
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Date Ridden: 09/28/2009  -  Chris of Belmont, NC
Route Taken: Rubiks to shortys
Opinions: Nice trail for someone with 6 mos. experience,and getting used to clipless. You can really catch some speed on the downhills and really lose your breath on the climbs. A must for newbies or those who enjoy pure singletrack with technical options!
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Date Ridden: 09/23/2009  -  Eric of Denver, NC
Route Taken: Clockwise and technical loops..
Opinions: This trail continues to impress me. Enough roots to give the fork a workout, without tossing me over the bar. Enough climbs (770'+) over elevation change to keep the heart going. ENough fast smooth track to require pedaling to keep the pace up. I dread the grassy path sections to finish the ride, but that's just me and that section is getting faster now that I've found the groove of packed ground there. Trail dries out FAST after even HARD rain! underutilized from what I can tell, I've so far only bumped into one runner while out there, no bikes at all.. come on out to Denver!
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Date Ridden: 09/16/2009  -  Dave of Denver, NC
Route Taken: All routes
Opinions: I was on the trail when they were painting the roots and rocks. This was Saturday 12 Sept.

The orange markings and any other painted surfaces are from a teenage fun run conducted recently. BSG and the Riders had nothing to do with the marking. The trail just gets better and better the more I ride it. Soon I will be able to do 2 laps without stopping.

Very nice layout.

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Date Ridden: 09/14/2009  -  Eric of Denver, NC
Route Taken: Clockwise, including the technical sections
Opinions: Nice trail in great shape with just enough roots and rocks to keep things fun at speed. I'm just getting back into the sport as my friend talked me into riding a 14k race (biathalon) in Nov. I also ran the course yesterday (counter clockwise)and really enjoyed that too.. as much as I can enjoy running anyway. I was so glad to see a nearly true single trac for most of the distance as that impressive in that smallish acreage! Great job to those involved on this project! Will the ugly orange marking always be on all the roots though?? Almost throws off my flow at speed on the bike.
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Date Ridden: 09/11/2009  -  Dave H of Denver of the East, North Carolina
Route Taken: All
Opinions: All
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Date Ridden: 09/11/2009  -  Dave H of Denver of the East, North Carolina
Route Taken: All routes. Walked it so many times I never got lost.
Opinions: It would be nice to have a trail going from the entrance diagonally across the field, to the bottom of the hill and link up the Cro-magnon trail.

The workout on this trail really comes from all the turns and switchbacks in the woods. Some of them are off camber and uphill.

The trail is mostly narrow and twisty so speed is relative. It seems like you're going fast.

But it's a hoot to "Shoot the Trees" as fast as you dare. Some places they are not much wider apart than the bars. One false move and Blam! There are a few roots, but nothing big.

I wish more people would use this trail. In the hundred times I walked this trail I had it to myself.

The trail is really not too difficult I give it a 3 because of the turns. But an A for effort.

BSG has always been a good store. I don't know what happened to the previous reviewer.

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Date Ridden: 07/05/2009  -  Jake of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All
Opinions: Very surprised how much trail is packed into such a small piece of property - good use of the land! Trail design flows well with a few decent climbs. Did an extra lap of the grassy area before we left - I think that will be nice and fast once there's single/double track worn through the grass (not that I don't like grass). Very convenient to parental child-sitting, so I'm sure I'll get back there occasionally. Thank you BS&G and Denver Baptist - very nice job.
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Date Ridden: 06/09/2009  -  Matt T. of Denver, NC
Route Taken: Singletrack w/technical options
Opinions: This trail is fun to ride. It's no less technical that North Meck. Having less roots makes it more enjoyable than N.M. It is a little tight is some places and there are quite a few switchbacks. The long gradual incline at the end killed me.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/20/2009  -  DBerry of Iron Station, NC
Route Taken: Singletrack, no tech options..."comfort" trail
Opinions: Singletrack is really tight, can tell its not ridden as much as other area trails - could definitely use some grooming. Fun trail though with nice features and some good dips and log hops - too crammed in for my tastes, felt like i was just going back and forth. Comfort trail isn't so much of a trail as it is a mowed lawn.
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Date Ridden: 05/04/2009  -  Robert of Denver, NC
Route Taken: All options ridden. Single track and Field.
Opinions: The Trail is fun and different, i liked the log crossings and berms. It's easy enough to take my kids and hard enough that i have a good time. Blood, Sweat, Gears did a great job with the trail and Keith did a great job tuning up my Fuel. Kudos to Denver Baptist Church for providing a place to ride and a Skatepark for the Kid!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/01/2009  -  DBChurch of Denver, NC
Route Taken: All routes taken, and all enjoyed. Got lost on the easy trail in the high grasses and ended up on the more strenuous trail.
Opinions: A nice trail set up, enjoy pushing the 3 mile trail with just enough technical stuff to stay very entertained. Blood Sweat and Gears did a good job with this trail...too bad their customer service is awful.
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Date Ridden: 02/25/2009  -  John of Denver, NC
Route Taken: 3 mile of singletrack, Rubik's to Shorty's to Cro-magnon Trail and all technical options.
Opinions: Great singletrack! Well marked for my first ride. First mile has challenging short steep climbs and bridges and unique berms. Shorty's trail has a longer climb and off camber turns. Cro-magnon has numerous log crossing and two back to back large berms.
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