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Salisbury Community Park MTB Trails
Trail Information
Nearest City: Salisbury, NC
How to get there: From Charlotte, take I85 north to Jake Alexander Blvd. exit 75. Turn left onto Jake Alexander and go 2 miles to Highway 150 (Mooresville Highway)turn left. Go 1.5 miles to Sherrills Ford Rd and turn right. Go 2.7 miles to Hurley School Rd. and turn Right. Go .7 miles and the Park is on the right. After entering the you can park in the gravel lot. The trial head is down a gravel road at the bottom of parking lot. There are signs showing the way.
Trail Length: 6.5 miles
Trail Description: Singletrack mostly. The track flows well. There are some good hills if you let it go you can coast up the next. Other Info: The trail is still being worked on so keep your eyes open for new sections.
Other Info: Trail Cordinator, Gene Dehart


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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 07/18/2015  -  KeepOnRidin of Concord, North Carolina
Route Taken:
Opinions: I ride this trail approx. two times a month. I consider my riding level to be almost advanced and personally like a flowing trail with mixed challenges throughout the ride. I really enjoy riding this trail which was red dirt or mud anywhere. It is always well maintained. I have notices that briars, limbs, trashy sticks are immediately removed from the trail. Pesky small "tombstone" tree stumps are not present. Due to the trail design and maintenance, the trail naturally soaks the rain and drains and dries very quickly. The trail flows well with a good mix of uphill climbs, downhills, speed, curves, jumps, drops, gullies. Roots are present for the challenge but irritating constant roots are not a nuisance. The trail is 6.5 miles long and can be ridden both directions. Trail maps are available at kiosks, signs thru out the trail are excellent. A nice "park" restroom with changing area and por-a-jons are available.
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Date Ridden: 07/12/2015  -  Grayson of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All 6 Miles
Opinions: An excellent trail! Hardly any large roots and tons of fast descents. The jump section 3 minutes into the trail was fun too. Trail is well marked and i recommend riding it twice.
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Date Ridden: 02/01/2015  -  Charles Sink of Lexington, NC
Route Taken: All the trail- outer loop and inside tight/twisty maze-like loops
Opinions: The outer loop is really well done for the most part with just a few areas where the trail is a downhill brake like crazy pinch. The loops could use some design and in some cases just get rid of them as they are ill designed in my opinion. But don't misinterpret this review as negative because 80% of the trail is done exceptionally well in this reviewers view.
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Date Ridden: 07/03/2014  -  Ryan of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: The main loop with one extension loop
Opinions: Very well maintained and the trails are marked clearly. A very enjoyable ride, well worth the drive.
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Date Ridden: 04/25/2014  -  Shane of China Grove, NC
Route Taken: Rode complete trail.
Opinions: Trail is in great shape. Fast and fun for the occasional mt. bike ride.
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Date Ridden: 03/15/2014  -  Xian of Mooresville, NC
Route Taken: The only loop
Opinions: This is a well maintained and marked trail. This is not a technical trail but keeps you on your toes with all the switchbacks and drops. My 11 year old daughter loved the steep drops and only walked a few sections and called it the roller coaster trail. I will ride this again.
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Date Ridden: 03/11/2014  -  tim of statesville, nc
Route Taken: clockwise with all additional loops
Opinions: This was a fun trail, it was very well maintained besides two trees down from the storm. It is a good cross country trail with some good clibs and a few fast sections. I realy enjoyed all of the gully crossings they made the trail more enjoyable. I will be sure to ride this trail again thank you for all of the people who maintain it, I am on a trail crew at another trail and I know how hard it is to keep up with the work.
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Date Ridden: 11/16/2013  -  ConcordRider of Concord, North Carolina
Route Taken: I85 from Concord to the West side of Salisbury on Hurley School Road, near HWY 70.
Opinions: I have been riding this trail regularly for the past 2 years and it's ALWAYS well maintained. Loved...loved this trail! Just enough hills, curves and gullies to keep things interesting. The "Curve and Swerve" option is sweet! Also a good trail to ride if you are not able to ride very often...good for training, there are also more aggressive optional loops. No problem getting 12 miles out of this trail if you ride in both directions. Trail is well signed, with trail maps available on kiosks.
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Date Ridden: 08/30/2013  -  Steve of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken: main (blue) trail and I also rode Humpty Dumpty.
Opinions: This was my first time mountain bike riding. I enjoyed the trail a lot. It's obvious that care and thought were put into the layout. It's challenging in areas ( miserable in some to a novice lol ), but very fun and a great workout.
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Date Ridden: 08/27/2013  -  Tom Maxey of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken: I ride all options at least once and often the railroad section twice. I believe 6 miles for one lap (all options). No odometer for me.
Opinions: Love,love the flow and speed of the railroad loop, but the tight switchbacks on the options, swerve and curve, and thunderoad, crap my style for speed. These options are good however for a great workout. The gully crossings (4+) are challenging, with great odds to fly over your handlebars (once you are fatiqued) and /or break tire traction, causing mishaps. Trail never closes due to wet conditions is a big plus considering Lake Norman trails close when forcasted rain is in a farmers almanac.:) I would like to see more riders on the trail to guage my abilites of endurance and speed.
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Date Ridden: 08/04/2013  -  Sean of Statesville, NC
Route Taken: Rode the entire trail after riding around the soccer fields before I realized this wasn't part of the trail. We missed the clearly posted sign!
Opinions: A lot of trail in a limited small, some nice, tight singletrack. Very well maintained, and a good work out where you are pedalking a majority of the time. This trail is good enough, and a quick enough ride at 6 miles that it might become my after work ride. Great job to all of the volunteers who take care of this trail.
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Date Ridden: 07/23/2013  -  Hoejaley of China Grove, NC
Route Taken: The whole trail I believe
Opinions: Excited I found this trail as its fairly close to where I live. Great overall trail, not too technical as far as roots or rocks, pretty well taken care of trail, climbs are pretty short, trail flows pretty well and seems to dry fairly quickly after rainstorms. Must be a well-kept secret b/c I usually dont see anyone there during the week after work, so traffic is non-existent from what I've seen so far. The downside to that is I usually clear all the spiders webs from the trail my first lap...haha! Definitely recommend others check it out, especially if you get excited as I do about riding something new and different!
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Date Ridden: 02/17/2013  -  Mark of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Main trail + all options
Opinions: I had the opportunity to check out this trail on my way back to Charlotte. It's a little out in the middle of nowhere, but the directions posted here were spot on.

Overall, I thought it was a fun trail and worth checking out. The trail had pretty good flow in most sections, and had alot of quick little ravine crossings to keep it interesting. It looked like alot of work has/is still being done, so many thanks to the folks who have volunteered their time and effort.

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Date Ridden: 10/14/2012  -  Jamie W. of Kannapolis, NC
Route Taken: Main trail and all optional loops.
Opinions: Since Poplar Tent closed I have been searching the area for other nearby trails. I discovered Salisbury Community Park MTB Trail and rode it for the first time on 10/14/2012. The trail was in very good condition. All optional trails are clearly marked. It isn't too technical but due to the natural terrain I wouldn't consider it a beginner trail. Go check it out if you get a chance!
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Date Ridden: 09/01/2012  -  Rick of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken: All
Opinions: 5 on a scale of 1-10. I wish the options were a little longer. Good trails with good speed. No major uphills which I liked. They have done a bunch of work this year. Lots of improvements, worth the time. I live very close to these trails and ride them at least once a week.
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Date Ridden: 06/27/2012  -  GeneD of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken: Located on the west side of Salisbury in the Salisbury City Park. If you are approaching from Hwy 70, turn south at the stoplight on HURLEY SCHOOL RD and go 1 mile, the park is on the left. Go straight to the end of the gravel drive, signs begin on the left at the end of the drive directing you to the marked trailhead. GPS: N35 41.802 W80 33.305
Opinions: A resurrection and extension of this trail began in April 2012....all work/funds are volunteered. Additional length and options have been added, trails are currently being designed/re-designed and implemented/improved. It is currently 6 miles long with a 4.5 mile intermediate main trail and advanced loops/options have been added. New signs provide for very good directions, a trail map is currently being planned. More difficult areas, jumps, skinnys, berms etc. will be implemented as the main trail is nearing completion and volunteers are available. Difficult options are currently being designed and design improvements are being considered. AS FOR THE RIDE, the main trail is very good with a good mix of non extreme hills and curves with very good dangerous places on the main trail. There are a couple of fast careful as you transition from going down to up the hill. A new loop "Curve & Swerve" is open....a fun ride, the loop name is well deserved. Riding will smooth this option, also more work will be performed to speed up and smooth the ride. The difficult options were fun with whoop-de-doo's and curves. RIDE THIS TRAIL SOON, YOU WILL ENJOY IT.
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