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Back Yard Trail
Trail Information
Nearest City: Charlotte , NC
How to get there: Trails are next to the Sugar Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant. Park at the Marion Diehl Center on Tyvola Road. Turn right out of the parking lot, then take your first left onto Farmbrook. Ride for about a 1/4 mile and trail entrance will be on your left.
Trail Length: 13 miles
Trail Description: Very technical, old school but sustainable trail in the heart of Charlotte! This trail is the one that started it all in 1987 and continues to grow and please riders of all kinds.
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 10/12/2017  -  hi of hi, hi
Route Taken: hi
Opinions: hi
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Date Ridden: 08/24/2017  -  Jim Hewitt of Huntersville, NC
Route Taken: Blue intermediate trail on BYT side and also the Senior Center side of road.
Opinions: Jump lines are really good. Lots of fun and made the trip worth it. I'm glad we have technical trail like this for those who want it.

I will just go ahead and give the trailbuilders a big compliment! This trail royally sucks! Roots, roots and more roots and throw in rocks and even more roots!!

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Date Ridden: 04/28/2017  -  Chuck of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Who knows.
Opinions: Definitely technical and very challenging, but not impossibly so. You can bypass all of the black diamond features, so that's nice for more intermediate riders. Don't go here if you prefer flow. However, do go here if you're feeling ambitious and you want something unique and a bit gnarly.

I will say that for the amount of work that has been put into this trail - for which the Trailblazers should be thanked - it's absolutely insane how bad the signage is. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might think that someone is trying to discourage newbies from coming back. Seriously, this trail is amazing; why not do that one easy, extra thing to make it even better?

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Date Ridden: 02/04/2017  -  Will of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Unknown
Opinions: Awesome trail but had a hard time following signage. We ended up taking a wrong turn at a few crossings and were heading backwards. Some nice jumps and the tabletop section was great. Thanks for maintaining this hidden beauty.
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Date Ridden: 11/26/2016  -  Anthony of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: Haven't tried it yet but wanted to take a crack at answering the "1 square/ 2 square" question no one addressed. When I hike the AT two icons means that this portion of the trail leads to a crossroad, which usually means an exit out. Seems like a lot of people are getting lost so hopefully this helps. Looking forward to hitting this trail. Thanks Trailblazers!
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Date Ridden: 11/11/2016  -  PulaskiBikes of Pulaski, VA
Route Taken: Short loop of Blue Square trail, and intermediate jump line.
Opinions: What a great piece of MTB trail work. A rare treat, as more and more 6 foot wide "Flow" trails are plowed out and packed smooth. THANK YOU for leaving it technical and challenging. Masterful use of the terrain and lots of rocks, roots and knar. I found the trail easy enough to follow and well marked. If you are looking for bike parks, don't ride here. If you love a true MTB experiences then hit this trail.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 10/16/2016  -  pickle of hickory, nc
Route Taken: Who knows?? Trail is not marked well at all. Had no idea which way to go. Got twisted around a few times. Could be very bad if someone got hurt with NO emergency exits, and no signs.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/17/2016  -  Chappy of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Full trail
Opinions: This was the third time I rode this trail and the first time I didn't get lost. The first two times I ran into some guys who showed me out. I love this trail because it's the only trail I've ridden that has portions I can't get through. Its not a fast trail like Sherman but it is by far the most unique trail I've ever ridden and a total blast. I love how challenging it is and I thank the trail blazer for keeping it up
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/20/2016  -  Adam of Atlanta, GA
Route Taken: To the right. Full loop. Prepare for a fun but intense 12-13 miles
Opinions: Best trail in Charlotte if you like advanced level trails. Be prepared to get a full body workout, with plenty of jumps, drops, log rides, man made features galore, and plenty of wildlife to see a most mornings or early evenings. I would save this whole trail is pretty advanced and unique at that. Don't waste your time coming if you are an entry level rider. It will not be a good experience.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/17/2016  -  Daniel of Mount Holly, NC
Route Taken: All intermediate and some Advanced.
Opinions: This was my first ride on BYT and it is now my 2nd favorite trail in Charlotte, next to Sherman Branch!. At least this one is closer to me. There are many sections that I was not able to do but 90% of the time, there was a "go-around" or alternate route. Let me tell you, there was a ton of cool $@&? to ride and to dream about riding one day. This trail is long and extremely rocky but flows pretty well in most areas. Bring lots of h2o b/c I ran out before the end and I was getting worried. There seems to be a lot of traffic on Tyvola and on the trail so be safe and be courteous to other riders. Thank you to all the folks that put in the time to make this trail awesome!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/12/2015  -  Mark M. of Charlotte, North Carolina
Route Taken: All of them
Opinions: My favorite trails, there's something for everybody. Almost every time I ride there I find something new to try. Not as flowy overall as Sherman but way more features - jumps, drops, bridges. I see beginners out there but not the most beginner friendly trails around.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/29/2015  -  GW LaDue of Winston-Salem, NC
Route Taken: Full BYT loop, new sections part 2 and 3
Opinions: I had the pleasure of riding this trail with Scott Hubbs, and he knows this trail better than anyone. I loved it. In an urban setting this trail provides plenty of tech, climbing, jumps, downhill and flow. We rode about 12 out of the 16 miles. This is one of my favorite trails in the Charlotte area and I recommend it if you are up for a bit more of a challenging ride.
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Date Ridden: 10/25/2015  -  John H of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All of it...and some more than once. Entered off Farmbrook Dr. Road all of it to the end of path and across access road then along the main road near Tyvola? Thru the culvert area and then back across access rd onto more trails. Missed a sign or two and did some again!
Opinions: Excellent technical course with enough challenge for the highly skilled, and great for good riders. Not at all a place for beginners, but something you need to work up to. It will be worth it. I've only been here twice, and both times I seem to see new things. There is just so much to absorb! Great, fun trails, and be sure to plan to spend some time checking coordinates because it can get you turned around. Trail signs are good, but a few more would eliminate any confusion and keep the pace up. Oh, and I always have a hard time finding my way out. Of course, this just leaves me riding more! Gotta love that ??
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Date Ridden: 08/27/2015  -  67Cougar of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: Would someone please post the significance of the one square and two squares on the directional signs? I'm sure someone knows... Thanks
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 08/08/2015  -  MX Mac of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Main Trail (staying right)
Opinions: This is my second ride in 2 weeks at BYT. I made a hard left on my first ride last week and did what i think was a shorter loop but I destroyed my rear derail. and had to cut the ride short. Luckily I was able to find the exit pretty easy. Today, I had a at great ride going until I crossed back into the trail after coming up from the plant. The trail has some markings which are ok, but it is really confusing. I was pumped up about a really good double I cleared, etc, etc feeling like my ride was awesome but somehow I ended up in at a 4 way intersection of trails and there were 2 signs. One had 1 square, the other had 2 squares and the other was heading the other way and not marked. I took the direction of the nearest sign and ended up coming back up to the same intersection. I then went the unmarked way and ended up way further away from the trail entrance backtracking on trails. I was wiped out, exhausted and totally lost. After another hour of GPS and pin dropping I rerode backwards down to Tyvola and jumped out but what a bust. Thank goodness I had a camelbak. So the trails were good, some really good flows, some great jumps well maintained, just need 5-10 more trail markers and maybe a couple Entrance/Exit pointer signs as you get somewhere near the end. Great job by Tarheel Trail on the condition of the trails. I would give the condition a 10. I arrived at 2:30 on Saturday 8/8 and I was the only one there. If only someone with more experience were there I probably would not have spent an hour trying to get out. Other advice is take a friend and a GPS enabled device, but that applies pretty much everywhere.
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Date Ridden: 07/22/2015  -  Gnar Rider of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All of it!
Opinions: Seriously?! What a puss move to complain about spider webs. Forget your feminine hygiene products?! WTF!!?!?!?!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/20/2015  -  Scotty B of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Back Yard Trail
Opinions: Best technical trail in Charlotte hands down. Big jumps, gaps, drop offs, log rides. However, getting smacked in the face with spider webs mid jump is not a great experience. Honestly, does spider man live here? Every 10 feet I was stopping to untangle myself from the web I just rode into, not to mention getting spiders in my mouth. Be careful where you stop, don't go off the trail, it is completely surrounded by poison ivy and poison oak. I won't ride this trail again unless I know multiple riders did before me.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/22/2015  -  Kevin of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Off Farmbrook - blue square I believe
Opinions: First time through this trail. Easy to find in the dead end off of Farmbrook. Believe I mostly rode the Blue square trail but had difficulty in following the trail - probably due to my first time out. Only wish as I was riding was that there was more signage along the trails. Other than that, the trail rode decent. Difficulty seems to be what you make of it as there are several black diamond turn offs and obstacles.
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Date Ridden: 02/07/2015  -  redrides of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Started at Senior center and down the street to trail. went right and followed signs. About 10-11 miles. I heard there is 13 miles but can't get my GPS to say 13 miles.
Opinions: Still looking for more
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 10/08/2014  -  Ken Andujar of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Entrance off Farmbrook Dr access. Took the first left for a quick 1.3 ml loop right back to the entrance then stayed straight (right turn if your coming in) and followed the arrows for the remainder. Did the back side over the paved access road then the culvert parallel to Tyvola, then back down the truck trail to the lower half.
Opinions: This trail offers everything for everybody regardless off skill level (I would recommend some skill for this trail). This trail is best riden at a brisk pace due to the rocky terrain and simple switchbacks, carrying a little speed makes difficult spots flow. I took my 12 yr old son on these trails and he's hooked for life, he's never risen anything like it and had a blast (hemet required) Can be little humid with the tree canopy and vary dark close to dusk so don't cut it tight getting out, everything seems runs away from the entrance if you don't know your way out. Not as fast as Sherman but more technical, also nice bridge ramps and built up obstacles, TTB did and continue to do a great job maintaining.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 10/01/2014  -  Perm of Waxhaw, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: By far the hardest trail around charlotte, it is more technical and tight than any trails i.e whitewater ctr or sherman. Def a fun trail. Not for beginners. Have a buddy with you just incase.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 09/10/2014  -  Alex of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: main trail
Opinions: by far the hardest trail in Charlotte.. only negative part was that it could be better marked and have some emergency Exits. but very challenging and technical. Not for beginners ..
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 06/08/2014  -  Sam of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Main Trail
Opinions: Excellent trail, very technical and tricky. My biggest criticism is that there needs to be some more directional signs... every time I go there I end up getting lost once or twice. With that exception, this is an excellent trail and is loads of fun!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/27/2014  -  Big Chuck of Belmont, nc
Route Taken: Plant side
Opinions: I've ridden a lot of trail but this may be the most technical trail I've been on. DuPont may be more physical but I dont think its as technical. This trail is not for rookie riders and I would not ride it alone myself. With that said I loved the ride and look forward to riding it again soon.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/25/2014  -  Explorer 67 of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Both sides of Tyvola
Opinions: I've been riding Charlotte trails since 1994 and I can't believe today was my first time on BYT. I had always heard of the trail but had only ridden the Marion side previously. I echo what others have said. Incredibly fun, yet scary trail. Have 911 on your speed dial if you are a novice or intend to ride all the stunts. Everything is very thoughtfully laid out. With all the routes on the treatment plant side, a couple of exit signs would be appreciated by first-timers. Thanks to all who crafted and maintain this butt-puckering beauty.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 03/15/2014  -  Sean of Matthews, NC
Route Taken: The GPS on my phone said it was about 9.12 miles but I know we back-tracked a little to do sections over. I still think we missed some though.
Opinions: This is an excellent trail for building technical skills. I think there is plenty to challenge every kind of rider. Great skinnys and a couple of committing gap jumps and drops. I also love the way that they've incorporated the features of the old water treatment facility. Very cool. Great job on all of the work done out there. I'm excited to ride it again and get a little more of a flow.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 03/14/2014  -  Chris of Belmont, Nc
Route Taken: Most of them I think... Perhaps a few times :)
Opinions: Rode the BYT for the first time tonight, and I wasn't expecting all that! I can ride pretty much everything (some of the big jumps were beyond me) but man! So much diversity! And it just keeps coming at you!!! Obstacle after jump after bridge! I recommend people bring their lunch and make a day of it! I just had to turn around and ride some of that stuff a few times! There is always an out so if you are a decent rider (blue square) you can have a blast on this trail and just grow with it! Just be aware, there is lots of trail. I'd recommend bringing a gps so you don't feel lost, the signage is good, there is just a lot of trail!

Another great trail guys, great job!

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 01/20/2014  -  CT of Asheville, NC
Route Taken: Followed the red arrows
Opinions: Its cool to have that much trail in the city. It reminded me of a trail in South Bend Indiana. The stunts are fun. The trail is very tight. I rode my Bronson and never dabbed, but Ill bet on a 29er it would be a little harder. And what was this place before with all the tracks? I would love to know!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/28/2013  -  Joseph Cook of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Farmbrook Side
Opinions: This is by far my favorite trail in Charlotte. If you haven't given it a try, I highly recommend it.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/17/2013  -  Lenny Matthew of Kings Mountain, NC
Route Taken: Red arrows all around.
Opinions: Awesome trail, super cross stuntry. Had a lot of fun hitting the stunts and riding through the area.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/07/2013  -  Jae of Rock Hill, SC
Route Taken: Whole trail, followed the signs
Opinions: Date is approximate, it was early last month. First off, I had seen vids of this place before and was a little intimidated to try it. Once I actually got on the trail though it wasn't as bad as I expected. I did have to walk a few parts and didn't hit any of the crazy kill yourself parts but it was still the most challenging trail I've been on so far. Me and my buddy rode the whole thing and didn't see any other riders the whole time. Very fun trail. I love the whole feel of the trail, being in a busy part of town but still out in the woods. As a beginner I'd be reluctant to ride here alone just in case. There are some parts I would say are pretty dangerous but there's a bypass for most of them. Looking forward to riding here again soon.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/03/2013  -  Chico of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Main Trail
Opinions: So sweet. Technical and fun. Not for beginners, but that is what this trail great. A must ride.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 09/22/2013  -  Dave of Charlote , NC
Route Taken: Just Followed the trails Signs
Opinions: Really fun and pretty decent flowing trail with a good variety of technical features, jumps, drops, rock gardens, ladders and skinnys. I think most features had a route around if you don't want to ride them. Its clear that the guys who maintain this trail have put in alot of work and the banked turns and most of the features are built well. I will definitely be riding this trail again. Trail has a good overall flow to it with a few sections where you can really pick up speed but for the most part its a pretty consistent pedal with a few ups and downs. No real major climbs.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/31/2013  -  Emerson of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: The best and most technical trail network in the area. Hats off to Scott for his diligence in trail maintenance this week.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 05/01/2013  -  Sledgedog of Asheville, Nc
Route Taken: All
Opinions: This trail is amazing, it is slow speed tech goodness. Scott is the man! Keep up the good work!!!!! And thank you, buddy!

If you can ride the whole thing without dabbing a foot, you are ready for the big time.

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/20/2013  -  Abruzzopat of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Various
Opinions: Very tight and technical. Narrow tracks especially in the spring when plants are encroaching on the trail. You get whipped a lot.

Some really nice rolls in the middle section add to the fun. Took a hairy spill when a rock steered me off trail... you really need to take it easy the first time and be alert.

Others have said the trail is well marked? Not sure about that... my son and I have done it twice now and it's confusing ... lots of shortcuts and loops.

Overall, a really great thing to have right in the middle of town.

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 04/13/2013  -  Tripp meland of Charlotte, Nc
Route Taken:
Opinions: Sickest trail around some awesome terrain with jumps berms and some sick plank rides and dirt jumps! It may be difficult for first time riders for all the technical terrain.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 01/25/2013  -  Blake of Weddington, NC
Route Taken: Entire trail
Opinions: The general theme: rugged, gnarly, technical, dangerous, etc. I have really enjoyed getting the technical riding in at BYT in the past few months as it reminds me of the riding in the North East when I lived in Boston. I’ve become more conservative in my old age which is to say I’m not as daring as I once was, however I know I can ride everything out there… I just have to push myself to do so. The nice thing about BYT is there is a bailout on every technical obstacle they built and many of the natural obstacles as well. To me, technical riding is more fun than riding flat out and it will also teach you (or remind you of) skills you didn’t realize you had. Keeping that in mind, I also realize this type of riding is not for everyone… but it sure is fun.

If you want to avoid the poo, just don’t ride the poo tracks. That’s one thing out there I have no interest in.

Last ride there we rode up on a Barred Owl perched up on a post staring at us as we approached and I could not believe I was seeing one in the middle of the day! He was huge! I kept wondering if it was real before I could see him clearly…. And then he spread his wings and flew off. Really cool!

Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 12/31/2012  -  Dugan of Charlotte, North Carolina
Route Taken: All
Opinions: Fun stuff! My first time on BYT and definitely not my last. The trail was tight and technical. It makes you work for the downhill you get. There are some very fun elevated features and small jumps to spice up the ride.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/11/2012  -  Amoore2668 of CLT, NC
Route Taken: Folllowed the blazes to the right at trail head.
Opinions: First time rider at BYT after moving back to the area. WOW! Enjoyed the challenges and the flow of this trail. Kudos to the folks maintaining this one. Excellent job!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 11/07/2012  -  Ryder of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All routes starting om Farmbrook
Opinions: The whole thing is very slow and technical. It will give you a good workout but, if you like speed, its probably not for you. The trail system could have been layed out better to include more flowing fast sections.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/01/2012  -  NCMTB85 of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: All.
Opinions: Technical and challenging, albeit very enjoyable trail. Great workout and right in the heart of the city to boot. Well marked and well maintained. The black diamond rail section is a must try!
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/01/2012  -  Go-rilla of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: The classic; all of it.
Opinions: Got almost a bit of everything. Only thing missing here is some long climbing. Tighter and more technical that most prefer. Plenty of challenging options that add variety. (Hey, if you just want fast flowy single-track to race on, there are plenty of other tracks around. Or if you're up to it, get out on the BYT and 'work''ll find that it'll make you that much faster when you're back on the easy stuff) In a word, the BYT is FUN. Like 'that' old girl/boy friend - you may not brag about your rides here and you may not spend all of your time here. But the BYT is always there when you want it and you can ride it any way you like.
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 06/24/2012  -  steven of marshville, north carolina
Route Taken: all of it
Opinions: very very technical but a ton of fun
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

Date Ridden: 07/25/2005  -  Hale Trotter of Charlotte, Nc
Route Taken: Most all of them.
Opinions: I ride this trail almost exclusively.. Living & working nearby, I can jump on it @ lunch during work week and do so throughout the year, even in cold. Weather.. The best cardio you can find as well as fun.. Beats the gym hands down.. Saw a 10 point ghetto Buck there last week.. (no hunting allowed in city). Once u know the trail layout u can ride it anyway you feel like, there r many entrances and different loops all over.. The freeride sectio I call wagon wheel gap be ause of an old wagon wheel @ entrance is awesome.. Big air and swooping berms are the rule here.. Some of the best rocky rock garden setions anywhere outside west va can be found @ byt.. Megalithic.. This trail is def more fun w a bit of fitness, if u ride it a couple times a week you will be a stud in no time.. The trail also winds around Marion deil & queens college, up and down to creek and back many times.. Very technical as the rule @ byt .
Difficulty: Trail Rating:

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