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Date Ridden: 07/10/2017  -  JC of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: green and blue
Opinions: These trails don't appear to get much use. Trail heads aren't marked, but the green trail head is off a gravel road that runs behind the playground. Green is easy and flows. Blue is tight and rocky.
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Date Ridden: 04/03/2016  -  Dustin of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Green and Blue Trails
Opinions: I love this trail. I am new to MTB but since this is almost in my back yard it makes for a great place for me to start and learn. The Green Trail is fairly easy and great for beginners. The Blue trail gets a little more tricky but isn't bad. There is some Black Diamond Obstacles and one Black Diamond part but still quite doable and safe. There isn't any trail map but I have mapped these myself. Below is a link to a google maps showing the Trail entrances and paths with pictures!

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Date Ridden: 09/16/2015  -  David of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: full trail
Opinions: A fun little trail close to home as I live in southpark. Flows pretty well and has a lot of nice little features packed into a short trail. Liked the rocks, jumps, and skinnies.
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Date Ridden: 04/28/2015  -  David K of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Entire loop, starting from my house which borders the backside of PRP.
Opinions: The trail is split into two sides from what I can tell, a green and a blue, the green is a very fun, easy ride, a fence laid into a stream provides the crossing from the the green side to the blue side. The blue side is also quite fun but much more technical than the green. some tough uphill switchbacks and tricky rock sections but a high quality ride overall. I moved to the house bordering the park two weeks and have rode the trail 5 times now, high quality overall, nice to see more riders our there on 4/28
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