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Rocky Branch Trail
Trail Information
Nearest City: Belmont, NC
How to get there: 221 W. Woodrow Ave. Belmont

Woodrow and Sacco St, intersection

Trail Length: 5.3 miles
Trail Description: Hand built intermediate and advanced level singletrack that winds back and forth over creeks using multiple bridges. Rolling terrain with challenging climbs and technical features. The entrance also has a pump track to warm up on or hone your skills.
Other Info: To get to Rocky Branch Park, turn west onto Woodrow Avenue from Central Avenue or Main Street. The park will be at the end of the street, at the intersection with Sacco Street. The park is located 1/2 mile from the downtown business district, so you can park downtown and walk, run, or cycle to the park and then enjoy shopping and restaurants when you return.


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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 03/10/2018  -  Leonard V. of Stanfield, North Carolina
Route Taken: Main Loop
Opinions: True single track! Kicked my behind, but I will be back for more. I met Steve, the owner after my ride, and being that it was my first time there, he asked me what I thought.....If you want to know where you stand as a mountain biker or your level of fitness, this is the place! No need to drive to the mountains, Steve has it right here!
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Date Ridden: 07/25/2017  -  Dave B of Clover , SC
Route Taken: Whole Loop
Opinions: One of the most technical & fun trails in the Charlotte Area. There are green,blue, black & some dbl black options throughout the whole trail making it rideable for any level. Would not say there is any real flow here a lot of punchy downhill & short climbs. But has some of the best manmade features & is a great place to practice your advanced mtb skills. Being only 15 minutes away this is my go to because its short 5 miles but is a great workout & is a pretty quite trail haven't seen to many riders. Anyone who rates this trail poorly wasn't ready for the climbs that will gas you & the air you can get on the manmade features.
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Date Ridden: 05/21/2017  -  ScottB of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Whole enchilada.
Opinions: Nice trail. Has a couple of little climbs that kicked my old, fat butt. Flow and features. Signage was good, and the features all had directional signs posted with options (including bypasses). Nice to see a trail that stays tight, not all widened out. Downtown Belmont looks like it has good food/beer options for pre/post festivities.
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Date Ridden: 01/26/2017  -  ChosenOne of CLT, NC
Route Taken: Entire trail system. I have ridden this trail more than a dozen times in the past two years. It is really a fun track.
Opinions: This is a gem of a trail that is constantly evolving. The trail has hips and jumps of you want 'em, otherwise it has some decent flow bypasses. You need some legs to make a good fast lap so don't discount this trail. Hats off to the trail builders for maximizing the available terrain and making such a fun place. This is my first go-to-trail when my primary is closed.
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Date Ridden: 11/15/2016  -  Chris of Gastonia, NC
Route Taken: Blue/Main route. Stayed away from the technical options as I have just started back riding after a 15 year layoff. Also nursing a foot injury from running.
Opinions: Great trail, fun, but even the green route would be tough for a true beginner. There is a very difficult short climb out of the woods to the power line. Hard to carry any momentum and you can blow a lot of energy trying to get up that incline. Then you're faced with the steady uphill grind. All in all, a fun trail that I will ride again.
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Date Ridden: 08/22/2016  -  Jon of Charlotte, Nc
Route Taken:
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Date Ridden: 05/29/2015  -  KC of Tega Cay, SC
Route Taken: All
Opinions: Interesting trail that has a lot of variety, but is a bit disjointed. The builders have added some signage which helps, but there are still some oddities. For example, surprise climb right at a fork where you have no momentum, also a few hairpins you hit with speed at the end of a downhill.

There are some really nice wooden features and optional jumps that look fairly recent.

Overall, worth checking out if you've never been out there.

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Date Ridden: 05/17/2015  -  Eric of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Intermediate (more difficult) to black (most difficult) wherever possible, through the whole trail.
Opinions: This trail starts off with some nice flow and a pleasant jaunt through the woods... the blue lines are intermediate, the black lines are intermediate, life is pretty good. Maybe a jump here and there. Some bridges. The second half of the trail is a bit of a nightmare, however, and I didn't really enjoy it. Some massive climbs after you are already a bit tired and then some DROPS/DOWNHILLS that make you pucker up or reconsider. There's a downhill after the long climb up (to the baseball fields - you'll see) that made me take the wussy line. It's followed shortly after by another drop into ANOTHER off-camber drop. Good times for some, hike a bike for me until I get more confident on this particular trail.
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Date Ridden: 12/26/2014  -  Mason of Charlotte, North Carolina
Route Taken: Main Trail - since it had been raining a lot we heard that the tachnical sections were very muddy, so we avoided them that day. However, hit the main trails, had a lot of fun running them. Difficulty rating is based on Main trails only. I would rate them as intermediate due to there being lots of bridges, turns and climbs that a beginner might find more challenging.
Opinions: Great, fun trail. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to running through the technical sections next time!
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Date Ridden: 09/25/2014  -  Huff of Stanley, nc
Route Taken: all trails
Opinions: The trails are being rerouted to include all sections into the intermediate. An advanced section has been added as of August. Lots of rolling terrain with a long, steep, power line climb on the west side. 2 creeks with 6 bridges and 1 creek crossing. Dense forest with lots of shade. Lots of wildlife; deer, owls, hawks, raccoons, and an active beaver dam. Rides well even in wet weather. 5 blocks from downtown. Fun ride and good cardio workout.
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