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Ballantyne District Park
Trail Information
Nearest City: Charlotte, NC
How to get there:

9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte 28277

Trail Length: 2.2 miles
Trail Description: The main entrance is across the gravel parking lot behind the Morrison YMCA where the trail kiosk is. The trail consists of three loops. The Flow Loop, a fast beginner/intermediate flow trail that can be enjoyed multiple times. The Tech Loop, a more advanced trail that offers challenging climbs and fast descends. The Fields Loop, which is a beginners trail that is mostly flat and fast with a few features. Each loop is a mile long.
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 08/06/2017  -  Nealie of Huntersville, North Carolina
Route Taken: Full trail - 1-mile loop
Opinions: Great upgrades to this trail! We had two adults and one 6-year-old with us. The 6-year-old loved the "rollercoaster" hills and the berms. Great place for her to work on her skills and get familiar with trail obstacles. I would rate this trail OK for beginners to intermediates. Short trail as of now - 1 mile loop. So, great place to take kids.
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Date Ridden: 03/23/2017  -  Jeff of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Full loop
Opinions: I live close enough to ride over to this trail from my house and have ridden it in it's prior undeveloped state as well as it's current status. Overall the trail has really made some great improvements over the past 6 months as the THTB crew has been relentless in improving this gem in the rough. The trail has gotten much more packed in over the winter and increased the speed and flow accordingly. Additionally the number of berms seems to grow weekly so you can carry the speed better throughout the trail. While not terribly technical now - this portion of the trail is planned as a beginner loop - it does have an interesting natural triple jump section that is rollable and a few other small jumps to enjoy. Most recent additions have included a nice little wooden dinosaur back feature and a small table top. This section of trail is developing into a very high quality if short loop. There are some interesting sections of the property that I gather will be developed in the next phase that have a some elevation change and have the potential to provide a more technical ride for more experienced riders. Closest local comparison would be a less rooty and smaller version of Beatty in its feel. Assuming the project continues at its current pace we should have a very high quality trail in the heart of Ballantyne in the next year or so that will be an amazing mid week ride. BTW it's also located just behind the Morrison YMCA so it could be a great tie in to other family activities and as a huge bonus in the heat of summer there is a Smoothy King on site. Hope you have a chance to ride it soon and keep an eye out for the next work day.
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Date Ridden: 01/19/2017  -  John johnson of Charlotte, NC
Route Taken: Road all the trails I could find. It will take a few times to figure out the trail system but it's not very big or technical. You can get a few good miles in if you live close by.
Opinions: This trail has potential. Hopefully it will get more attention in the future.
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