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Purser-Hulsey Park
Trail Information
Nearest City: Matthews, NC
How to get there: 13201 Phillips Rd.

(Near hwy 51 and Phillips Rd. Intersection)

Trail Length: 5.1 miles
Trail Description: SingleTrack 5.1 miles with Everything
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 06/08/2017  -  Roy Powell of Matthews, NC
Route Taken: Only one route so far on this new trail.
Opinions: Felt like I hit the jackpot when my neighbor casualty said, “Hey man, did you know they built a mountain bike trail a mile down the sidewalk from our neighborhood?” I was elated! I’ve ridden it three times now, and I am quite impressed with what they’ve done so far. It’s a short piece of trail for sure, but I ran into a couple of folks who helped build it who said they are going to make it longer. It packs a whole lotta workout into a short piece of singletrack—lots of steep drop-offs, hairpin turns, and some decent short climbs at the last quarter mile— had to get waaaaay over the handlebars to keep the front wheel down. I get a better workout in the 1-3/4 miles of this trail than I do on the entire 4+ miles on the main loop at Colonel Francis Beatty Park. So if you’re looking to pack a good leg strength workout into a short piece of track, then this is a good option. My legs wear out on this trail long before I’m outta breath. Note: Wear long socks because there’s poison oak GALORE on this trail.
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Date Ridden: 04/08/2017  -  Greg of Mint Hill, NC
Route Taken: Counter-clockwise
Opinions: Nice start on the new trails here. They really did get a lot of trail in a small space. Nothing technical so far but a couple spots that could be tricky for newer riders. It's relatively narrow and twisty and has a lot of short but steep dips, and some short but steeper climbs. I got some suspicious looks from the gardeners, which im sure will get better as they see more riders. Parking area is extremely small. Looking forward to this trails progress.
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Date Ridden: 04/02/2017  -  MJackson of Matthews, NC
Route Taken: Hiked clockwise, biked counterclockwise
Opinions: Great job wringing all you could get out of that land! It's low-tech but very entertaining with lots of whoop-de-doos that an experienced rider can use to get some float time. Small but frequent changes in direction and elevation make it less predictable than, say, Sherman Branch. Fun for most if not all skill levels.
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