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Hobby Park
Trail Information
Nearest City: Winston Salem, NC
How to get there:
Trail Length: 7 miles
Trail Description: A few mild climbs, with about 7 miles of technical trails.
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Trail Reviews

Date Ridden: 10/10/2014  -  Charles Sink of Lexington, NC
Route Taken: Entire cross country trail
Opinions: Hobby Park has been upgraded/changed significantly and is now being ridden more by local riders. The trail is now slightly less technical and flows better. There is a section called Little Pisgah that is very technical and is optional to ride. Little Pisgah is well-done and those who want some technical riding will love it. The trail will continue to receive attention from the local community.
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Date Ridden: 06/17/2009  -  Chris of Winston-Salem, NC
Route Taken: Hobby is a loop
Opinions: Hooby is the main trail I ride weekly. It is a challenging trail. No good flow but will make you strong. Front section is more challenging than the back. Back ridge climb will wear you a little if not use to it. Over I enjoy Hobby... Good technical sections and speed.
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Date Ridden: 01/10/2007  -  Jim of Winston Salem, NC
Route Taken: All
Opinions: This is my favorite among the rides near Winston Salem because it offers some brief but steep climbs, fast downhills on smooth single track and dries out very quickly after rains. There are a few obstacles but generally the route is generally accessible for any rider with an interest in doing hills.
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Date Ridden: 08/29/2006  -  fatboy of mt holly, nc
Route Taken: started at parking lot at top of hill rode clockwise
Opinions: Extremely fun good climbs flows well police need to patrol parking lot way to many paired cars rocking and I have not been hit on by that many men since I went to a drag show with my wife
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Date Ridden: 09/29/2005  -  RaginPage of Apex , NC
Route Taken: top of hill on left headed down
Opinions: I've read about this trail being a tech 3+ and it certainly is not. This is a beginner to int. trail in my opinion and really smells bad(waste treatment plant) at top of hill. It was fast and fun headed down the hill but not that hard. I rode Owl's Roost last week in Greensboro and it is a much better trail. Hobby was fun but I doubt I'll go back.
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Date Ridden: 05/03/2005  -  bryan of winston, nc
Route Taken: all
Opinions: Great good trail wich they hade more obstacels
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Date Ridden: 07/15/2002  -  keith of lexington, nc
Route Taken: the hole trail
Opinions: I really did like the trail
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Date Ridden: 05/15/2002  -  LJChrist1st of Manchester, NH
Route Taken: All of it in side and out
Opinions: Granted the trail is not for a first time rider but it is nothing to write home about either. There are some smooth, fast areas but almost every good down hill is killed by a loop back. There is some tech. spots that you will find on the way and a bmx area that is fun to play on. Over all I would say that it would be fun for a beginner to intermediate rider but childs play for the rest of us.
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Date Ridden: 12/20/2001  -  James Stokes of Salisbury, NC
Route Taken:
Opinions: This is the BEST trail I've ridden so far! Three cheers to the many people who build and maintain this trail! Hobby Park is built on top of a *steep* hill; the trail snakes back and forth, up and down through the woods along the face of this hill. This is a fast and attractive trail that can be very enjoyable, but there are at least two places that will eat a novice up and spit him out!
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