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Huntersville Business Park Code of Ethics
Since the darkness and cold of winter has descended upon us, a fellowcyclist mentioned that this would be a good time to send out a reminder ofthe expectations for using the Huntersville Business Park (HBP) as a winter
training venue. The following list of expectations came directly from the property manager for the HBP, as a result of repeated acts of indiscretion inyears past:

  • No public nudity permitted. (Use of the park as a training venue has been halted in the past for this transgression. Please change clothes in your vehicle, before you come to, or after you leave the park.)
  • No public urination.
  • Do not litter anywhere within the park.
  • Do not park in the Kemp Building parking lot (bldg with flags in front).

Since this list was first issued, many walkers, joggers, skaters, etc, have started using the park. Please treat other users of the park with respect. They have the same rights as a user as we do.

Our conduct during the training ride is a violation of the motor vehicle code of NC. The Huntersville Police Department is on record as saying they will enforce the code (can you say two abreast, tickets for not having appropriate lighting, etc) if the park property manager feels we have become a nuisance.

Please abide by these expectations to ensure that we can continue to use the park as a training venue in the future. A blinking tail light is also a good idea, and makes a good stocking stuffer.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday season.

Jim Mead
President Rocky River Road Club

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