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IMBA Defense Fund
Can you believe mountain biking is still attacked as an illegitimate use of trails? First, we were accused of speeding erosion. Then, we were labeled a “dangerous menace.” IMBA is dispelling these false allegations and reopening trails—but a new danger looms. Liability concerns now pose a significant threat to our sport.

That’s why I’m asking you to please donate to IMBA’s Legal Fund today. Contributors of $35 or more will receive the hardcover chronology, Stumpjumper: 25 Years of Mountain Biking, signed by Ned Overend.

Our goal is simple: Use the clarity of the law and the power of IMBA’s 35,000 members to defend mountain bikers’ rights. The Legal Fund helps support three crucial areas of IMBA’s work:

Spearhead the development of risk management resources
Defend against daily attacks on local trail systems
Influence legislation that determines access for mountain bikers
Please donate now or read more about the Legal Fund at

As I write this letter, National Forests in Montana, Colorado, West Virginia and California are considering banning bikes from hundreds of miles of great riding. Your contribution will help ensure that IMBA’s rapid response team is ready to act with an effective action alert when disaster strikes in your region.

Your donation to IMBA’s Legal Fund will help expand and improve our role as mountain biking’s guardian. We’re confident you’ll feel your tax-deductible donation is a savvy investment in the future of our sport, please contribute today.

Thank you for your continuing generosity,

Jenn Dice
IMBA Government Affairs Director

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