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North Meck Update - 21 July, 03
A workforce of approximately12 volunteers moved 2400 pounds of Sacrete and about the same amount of gravel this past Monday nite at North Meck Park. The effort was to shore up the upper power line crossing that has become a swampland during the years rain. Borrowing a technique that was successful at Col. Francis Beatty, the Sacrete was laid along the trails, the bags punctured, and gravel was spread over the bags. Piping was placed at high water flow locations to move water under the trail bed.

The gravel supply was almost totally exhausted, and we are hopeful of a fresh gravel dump for next Monday nite, as the race series is approaching its stop at North Meck. There are still several swamp areas that need to be addressed.

We have been given a preliminary OK for trail expansion at North Meck. We will be looking to lay out the new trail as leaves drop this fall. We are currently hopeful of a Beatty type of loop around the park, although park boundaries have not yet been established.

Thank you to everyone that has joined the effort over the past two months, and we are looking forward to continued support into the fall. Please feel free to join us Monday nights at 6:00.

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