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May 8, 2006

USNWC Trail Coordinator Update

From the desk of Frankie Pietras, Trail Coorinator and club Treasurer:

I just want to repeat the words of Jeff W.: There is no plan to charge for access to the trails at USNWC, now or in the future. There will be a pro shop with bike parts for sale, a store/machines at which one can buy drinks and snacks, and a restaurant. With those facilities, the USNWC expects to be able to get income from trail users by providing products and services that would otherwise not be available without driving several miles.

Since last post here on April 11th, I have put in about 20 hours of ground time in laying out the reconnection trails in a manner that is consistent with the existing trails at the park. The plan is to meet with Michael and Jeff this Tuesday to show them the work and get their approval on the trail corridors. Work has been done to clear the existing trails of debris in anticipation of the Charlotte Mountain Bike Series.

I personally have a tremendous amount of time invested in the trails at USNWC over the last 15 years and I see the task of reconnecting the trails as an opportunity to further improve one of the finest trail systems in the region. In fact, it is conceivable that the new loop, once completed, will be even more challenging and enjoyable than before. I think it will be much like Beatty Park where we were all suprised to end up with a better trail system after the construction was done.

Get ready folks. We will have a large task on our hands once we get the go-ahead to get started. There are sections that will be much like the New Point Trail with dramatic side slopes and huge Beech trees. I'm glad that we will have the opportunity to build these trails ourselves as true single-track and not have to follow the course of a D-9 that someone drove through the woods.


Keep me updated!! I am ready to work, I even got new shoes for it!

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