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August 24, 2006

I am constantly amazed... the spirit of the community of mountain bikers that we have in this area. 

Sunday was our Cane Creek Cup Race at the USNWC, our largest fundraiser of the year.  While for the most part, it was the same old guard pulling the race off, it was great to see so many familiar faces and to hear the praise of the riders who have missed riding Catawba so badly.

I had put the race pretty much behind me, when I received this letter from a competitor.  Thinking it was a jersey check (everyone DID send their payment, right?), I tore the envelop open to find the following hand written note:

"Hey Tom -

I want to donate back to the club the cash that I won at the race on Sunday.  I only wish that I had thought of it then and challenged everyone else to do the same.

I appreciate, respect and admire the endless hours of hard work that you guys all do.  Thanks!"

Wrapped in the note was the cash I had awarded him on Sunday.  I don't want to identify the rider, he can do that if he so chooses, but it was one of those things that help make this such a rewarding group to be involved with.  Thanks to everyone who gives, time, money, you name it, each and everyone of us is an important piece of the puzzle that makes this community what it is - the greatest volunteer organization in the country!


That is cool! It was a great race and thanks to the organizers and crowd for their support. (I especially enjoyed displaying my lack of wheelie skills at the finish line ;))

I was fortunate to have witnessed your acrobatics, Geoff! Was it captured on film?

Not sure! My wife captured me at the 'peak' and afterwards with my cuts etc. (which are still sore today!)

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