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February 5, 2007

I Sometimes Get a Little Busy...

...unfortunately, with a "real job" and all, so my blogging sometimes suffers...But our club is blessed with many hard working individuals that I tend to lean on for guidance and advice.  One of them is Jim Grover, our club attorney.  Jim has spent countless hours reading and re-reading documents that are necessary for the club to do business, to get the best possible agreements.  Hell, I can't even read my bank statements without interpretation.  Jim selflessly gives of his time to contribute.  The following is a quote posted recently in our forums concerning membership, and more eloquently states many things that I have been trying to say over the past two years.  Jim, many thanks for your input and the forum post, below:

"Let's keep 'em comming everybody. I finally renewed last week and even signed up all the family members.
Yea, the money's important, but the numbers are just as important. Lots of our bretheren feel connected to the trails, but unless they join, they ain't connected to the club.
Three steps to Membership Success:
1. All old members - Renew!
2. Exhort your friends to renew or join. Call 'em out!! (Extort them if you need to! Wink)
3. Talk up the club at the trailhead. Make the effort to meet those you don't know and ask if they are members. Even carry membership forms in your car.
Why push for new members?
   - 10 new members = $200 (likely more with family memberships and extra contributions) - a substantial contribution that will have impact on our trails;
   - 10 new members = 40 hours of trail work/year (a guess, but could be much higher);
   - 10 to 20 new members = 1 new person to get involved in helping manage the club and our projects;
   - 50 to 100 new members = 1 new member that may be responsible for building a new trail.
   - New members = new friends.
As a club, we have gained substantial recognition and influence with the local landowners and land managers. We are now expanding that influence regionally. Adding and sustaining membership numbers to the club means a lot in growing and enhancing these relationships, which means we can better expand and protect our trails.
'Nuff said. Hope it stops raining soon".


How about that? A lawyer who's also a salemen. Well said Jim.

That was beautifully said, Jim. We all need to be reminded of those things from time to time. I love this club and consider y'all my friends and riding buddies. I'm looking forward to another great year as a shop owner and a Tarheel Trailblazer.

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