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August 26, 2009

Lakewood Community Mountain Bike Skills Facility Turning Heads

I got my first look at the completed Lakewood community track this morning. I previously only saw it under construction.

The pump track and skills area look great. Michael and the local kids planted lots of grass on the back side of the berms and around the area. They want to do some more landscaping to pretty up the site.

The trail is just under 1,000 feet long, but looks like a lot of fun and incorporates the same skills laid out in the skills area. There are also some large logs available that could be used for additional skills.

I encourage anyone with interest to go take your bike and take a few turns. Contrary to some comments made on the forums, the rules of engagement are really no different than at any other trailhead - lock the car and don't leave anything of value. I'll bet there are more problems at Renni, USNWC and even Beatty than at this location.

There are several planning projects in the works to make changes to surrounding parcels of land to open up and give better access to the existing community park and to incorporate the immediately adjacent creek corridor into the Park & Rec. Greenway and Carolina Thread Trail systems. This is the land that the future expanded mountain bike trail will use. There are a lot of good folks working to make it all happen - and it is happening. The new mountain bike skills area is just the beginning and is already making an impression. When people [b]SEE[/b] the track - the light bulb goes off and you get that "Aha" moment. I saw it in others today.

It's a geat project to be involved in and I look forward to getting access to future parcels so we can help develop more trail for the kids and the community .

Jim Grover

President, Tarheel Trailblazers


Where is the Lakewood community pump track located. I drove all over the neighborhood the other day and couldn't find it. The locals around there looked at me like I was crazy when I asked them about it?


Ditto on the location? Anyone know where it is other than Jim?

location and commentary are in this thread:

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