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February 12, 2007

Mt. Holly Meeting POSTPONED!

Tonight's meeting at Mt. Holly has been postponed to allow us to schedule a better meeting where we will have more time to discuss the issues.

Hopefully, cooler heads with an eye toward the vision of trails on the site will prevail...

Sorry to pull the plug on this issue in the 11th hour, but a face to face with all interested parties will better serve the situation.

Thank you for your support of the Trailblazers and this important issue!

Tom Mathews

February 9, 2007

A Call To Action For Mountain Bikers!

The Trailblazers have been working on plans to develop about 15 miles of mountain bike trails on Mountain Island Lake in Mt. Holly for about 2 years now.  We have $60,000 in grants for this project and are working on more, but we can't seem to get trail construction started due to disagreements with the local division of the NC Forest servce, who manages the land.  The Mt. Holly City Council has requested the Trailblazers make a presentation to them at the City Council meeting to discuss the open project issues.  They have also invited the Forest Service, along with the previous mayor, Brian Hyatt,who asked us to build these trails.  He remains a big supporter. 
The meeting is this Monday, February 12, at 7pm at City Hall, 131 South Main Street in Mt. Holly.  For a map see:
Please attend the meeting and show your support for this important project.  We do not understand why we are encountering such opposition on conservation land when mountain biking is allowed on US Forest Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and NC Parks land, along state and local government land across the nation.  We are confused why there are such special standards in this case.
Bring a bike helmet so they know what you are there to support.

Unfortunately some people in the Mountain Island Lake organization have come out in opposition of this project due to misinformation and may come to the meeting to try and sway the council.  They have gone so far as to write a letter to the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund, the organization that funded the purchase of the land.  That is interesting because they also helped purchase Dupont State Forest, a mountain biking mecca.
We need to have a presence!

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