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February 21, 2007

Itusi Trail Work Day - Feb 24th!

From Jeff Archer:

bOb and I have been working hard for the past month to make sure we have plenty of work for ya'll next Saturday (Feb 24th)!  We were hoping to have all of the machine work done but came up just a little bit short.  We will meet at the Itusi Trailhead Parking Lot trail head parking lot at 8:30 and then car pool to the work areas.  We have 5 big tasks to accomplish on Saturday:

1)We are going to send 4 crews (3 people per crew) out to do the final corridor clearing.  You will be using loppers to clear branches back to the required 6' width and 8' height making sure to take into account the spring growth and weight of the new leaves.  You will also be making sure the trail is clear of debris as well.  Not terribly strenuous work and it will be a great way to see a big chunk of the trail.

2)Finishing the 100 yards of 2 way trail that will connect to the road.  The section has been cleared but no tread work has been done.  This will take a pretty good sized crew who want to get their hands dirty.

3)Finishing 2 sections of machine cut trail.  This moves along pretty quickly and consists mainly of root removal, back slope work and beautification.  There is also a small section that has not been machine cut and could be finished by hand if we have enough bodies.

4)Rock harvesting for a a couple of rock armoring projects.  We have a couple of area with a good number of rocks that need to be brought out of the woods on sleds, loaded on a truck, taken to the other side of the trail and then taken by sleds/wheelbarrows into the woods.

5)There will also be a trailer load of gravel that needs transported into the woods.

There is a GPS map @ if you want to check out the end result.

Bring your bikes.  All volunteers will be able to check out their handiwork after trail work.  Please remember that the Monbo Loop is still not open any time except on work days.

If you have and questions, give me a shout @ jeff at  Hope to see in the woods! 


Special thanks in advance to the Dirt Divas, REI and Joey Norman, Starbucks for some of their fine brew, and to all who are planning on attending!  And of course, we owe a ton of gratitude to Jeff and bOb for their efforts over the past five years to make the trail a reality...Opening the remainder of the Monbo trail at LNSP will be a boon for the area and truly result in a destination trail for the region. 

And don’t forget:  Every worker will receive a pair of Trailblazer socks for their efforts!

See ya on the trail!



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